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Days Inn Hotel in North Bergen – A Perfect Hotel For Your Next NYC (or NJ) Vacation

Submitted by on 05/25/2017

The Executive Days Inn at Meadowlands is located just across the Hudson from Manhattan in North Bergen, New Jersey.

This hotel is perfect for all New York City visitors wanting to escape the city’s bustling atmosphere when they retire for the night. Manhattan is minutes away over or under the Hudson and there are many things to do on the New Jersey side of the river as well.

Take in the Big City’s skyline over dinner and a show!

Submitted by on 05/13/2017

The skyline of New York City is famous and you’ll want to catch the iconic view of the Big Apple – what better way to do so than from the water? Allen Batista Travel offers specialty boat rides that will not only show off the city’s skyline, but keep you entertained. is pleased to present Allen Batista Travel as their Editor’s Choice for fun tours in NYC.

Mother's Day in New York City

Submitted by on 05/01/2017

So it's getting close to Mother's Day and you still haven't bought your mother a gift. Don't panic: we're here to help. Take a look at this, our unofficial (and slightly unorthodox) guide to Mother's Day gifts and etiquette.

Things to Do on Mother's Day in NYC:

Cook her dinner. No doubt at some point or other you've benefited from one of your mother's homecooked meals. Now's the perfect opportunity to return the favor. Invite her to dinner at your place. Cook the dinner yourself. Give her a glass of wine. Reminisce. Direct the conversation towards your finest achievements. Say things like, "If I hadn't of had a mother like you, I wouldn't of turned out so awesome" and "It's because of you that I became a doctor."* Steer the conversation away from all mention of that time you shredded four rolls of toilet paper and smeared paint all over the walls.

Hunting for Eggs in NYC

Submitted by on 03/26/2017

Easter, much like many holidays has become more of a fun family tradition than strictly a religious experience for many families in America. Whether you're celebrating Easter, Passover, or neither, egg hunts are a fun all-ages Springtime tradition. New York City has a wide range of free egg hunts in all 5 boroughs on Easter Day for locals without backyards and NYC tourists alike. We've got options for non-denominational Easter Day events in NYC!

Here is our list of the top Easter events in New York on Easter Day:

Liven Things Up This Easter with a New York Brunch Cruise, Champagne Cruise or Wine Tasting Cruise!

Submitted by on 03/18/2017

70+ degrees outside? Spring is here! This is always an exciting time in New York City. Easter is also just around the corner, and we have the perfect way to celebrate spring time and Easter all at once - New York Harbor cruises! 

We can say from experience that NY cruises are a blast, and a great way to see the beautiful island of Manhattan from a different perspective - cruising the waves of the New York Harbor. Spring is one of the best times to take a New York cruise, enjoy some sunshine and just let loose. 

What to do for Saint Patrick's Day in New York City

Submitted by on 03/06/2017

New York City is turning green! St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and the options for Irish-themed fun are endless. Whether you’re from the Emerald Isle or not, you are bound to find something fun to do in New York City - be it drinking green beer at an Irish pub, visiting a historic church, or watching bagpipers in a parade. Want to know more about these ideas? Here are some of our favorite places to spend St. Patrick’s Day in NYC:

Where to Go for Mardi Gras 2017 in NYC

Submitted by on 02/15/2017

Valentine's Day has just passed and it's time to celebrate Fat Tuesday! You don't have to go down to the Big Easy for Mardi Gras, because there are parties that get just as wild in the Big Apple. Before you must begin to right your ways on Ash Wednesday, get a little laissez faire on Fat Tuesday at these popular NYC Mardi Gras Bars.

Top 10 Tips for NYC Tourists

Submitted by on 02/13/2017

NYC Tourist is all about our Top 10 lists. We gave you the top 10 romantic spots in NYC, the top 10 favorite attractions, even our top 10 entertaining eateries - but where are all the helpful tips for your vacation overall?

5 Places for Valentine's Day Cocktails in NYC

Submitted by on 02/10/2017

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so right now is the time when many of us are either starting to plan a Valentine's Day with someone special, trying to get to know someone better so that you can decide if you want to spend this holiday together or break-up before the gift-giving and commitments start or frantically trying to meet someone to spend it with.

Either way, there's no better way to start or spend a Valentine's Day than sipping a few cocktails with someone special, someone not-so-special or with some girlfriends.

Say "I do" On Top of the World During the 24 Hour New York Marriage Marathon Valentine's Day 2017

Submitted by on 02/01/2017

If you want to spice up your wedding vows, try exchanging them on the World Trade Center Observation Deck this Valentine’s Day during the annual 24 hour Marriage Marathon in NYC.  Each year, up to 55 couples are married in a civil ceremony before the New York State Supreme Court Justice on February 14th atop the World Trade Center.