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Have the Olympics got you feeling a little motivated to get active?

If you're anything like me, eating cheeseburgers and french fries as you watch all the Olympic gymnasts and swimmers and other scantily dressed athletes with perfect bodies, you're probably washing down every bite with a tall glass of guilt (or as most of us like to call it, a delicious beer).

Either way, it can be hard to stomach these stomachs, so we're motivated to start doing something. How about a healthy mix of exercise and sunshine with these great workouts in these beautiful New York City Park!

1. Pilates in the ParkThe Guru Gang hosts this open class every week to the pilates fanatics at all levels, even to complete beginners. They have some mats available to those who don't have their own, but there's a limited supply. There's no better way to end a Tuesday night than stretching out with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background and a million strangers. Who knows who you'll meet in this class!When? Every Tuesday through the end of August at 7pmWhere? Pier OneHow Much? It's FREE!

2. Central Park YogaEvery weekend through the end of September, the Central Park Yoga class welcomes those looking to unite their body, mind and spirit on a beautiful morning in Central Park! If you enjoy the class so much, one of the instructers even teaches private lessons.When? Every Saturday and Sunday at 10amWhere? Central Park at 81st & Central Park WestHow Much? $15 per class, $100 for 10 classes 

3. Stacy's BootcampJust the thought of bootcamp makes me sore, personally, but the calories from that breakfast burrito are not going to burn themselves. This is a great workout because it's outside, it's intense and it's effective. Classes are three weeks long, but you get to pretty much set your schedule and pick your location every week. They have classes in Central Park, Battery Park and Washington Square Park, so bring your mat and get ready to feel the burn!

4. Running in New York City

  • Central Park is one of the best places to run in all of New York City. The last miles of the famous New York Marathon take place in these neck of the woods and every other day, you'll be joined by the fit (and not-yet-fit) New Yorkers breaking a sweat on the trails. 
  • Riverside Park is a 4 mile park that runs along the Hudson. The views are beautiful, and that breeze doesn't hurt either!
  • The East River Park is another great waterfront run that you and your pooch can enjoy together. They've got 57 acres of running routes, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, as well as a football and baseball field.

5. Dance Walking with Ben AaronYou can do this in a park, or anywhere else you happen to be. Why not put a little pep in your step and burn a few extra calories?When? Any time you like!Where? Anywhere you want!How much? Just maybe a little of your dignity. 

You don't have to join a workout class to break a sweat in any of these parks, but it does certainly help get the motivation started. While everyone is out there enjoying their picnics, pass them by with a feeling of satisfaction so that you can have a guilt-free feeding frenzy of your own later. If not, these parks are all great for non-workout activities as well, so enjoy that while the sun is still shining bright! Let us know what your favorite park workouts in New York City are by joining us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+