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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so right now is the time when many of us are either starting to plan a Valentine's Day with someone special, trying to get to know someone better so that you can decide if you want to spend this holiday together or break-up before the gift-giving and commitments start or frantically trying to meet someone to spend it with.

Either way, there's no better way to start or spend a Valentine's Day than sipping a few cocktails with someone special, someone not-so-special or with some girlfriends.

Luckily, there are tons of great places to grab a drink on Valentine's Day in NYC, and many of them have the right atmosphere for any situation!

Employees Only is the perfect year-round date spot that could work for a first date or a fiftieth. This West Village lounge is a good place to start the evening, or spend a casual night, and the food is good too if you're making this your dinner destination too.

  • Do Try a Specialty Cocktail: From the Ginger Smash to le Fraise Sauvage, you and your date will surely have something sexy to sip on all night long.
  • Don't Be a Cheap Date: The cocktails here run $15 a pop, so don't expect to skimp on your date this year.

Raines Law Room is a speakeasy lounge in Flatiron that keeps people returning for special occasions. It's classy without being overkill, so you can feel comfortable here, even when you're out on a nice date.

  • Do Ring the Doorbell: They'll let you in with the doorbell out front, and the doorbell at every couch lets your waiter know that you're ready to be served. If you don't ring, they won't bother you.
  • Don't Bring Your Sister: This isn't the kind of place you show up with your sibling for a pity date because both of you are single and need some good company. This little speakeasy is a little too sexy for that.

Death & Company is another speakeasy in NYC that's perfect for cocktails and a light Valentine's Day dinner. It's very popular, so don't be surprised if there's a wait, but the drinks are well worth it.

  • Do Try Some Smallbites: The truffle mac & cheese is the perfect treat to enjoy at this little joint on Valentine's Day if you don't want a whole meal. They're rich and delicious, but still something you can easily share. They also have sweet treats for those looking for more sugar than spice.
  • Don't Have Too Many: The cocktails, while a bit pricey, are very strong and can easily turn this special Valentine's Day into a disaster. 

Ward III is a TriBeCa lounge known for the Bespoke cocktails and awesome bartenders.

  • Do Come if You're Single: Even though it's a great spot for dates, everyone always seems open to meeting new people, and there will probably be quite a few groups of friends here ready to strike up a conversation with every attractive, single person in the house. Don't worry, one of the bartenders rules is that you're not allowed to be creepy, and they don't mind intervening in awkward situations to keep the peace.
  • Don't Turn Down a Freebee: Yep, those tend to happen. Be sure to be extra nice to your bartenders so they think you're worth the gift, but don't think you're entitled to one. 

B Flat is fun choice with talented bartenders for singles and couples to enjoy together. The cocktails and live jazz music are great and it's a perfect spot to enjoy for happy hour to start your night off.

  • Do Stay for the Fried Chicken: Because that's so romantic...
  • Don't Miss Happy Hour: It doesn't end until 7pm and happy hour is the best way to loosen up before this date.

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