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Planning for a vacation can be stressful, especially to a city where you may have never been. NYC has so many sights that you may want to visit, and with so little time you don't want to waste a second of it. Here is a quick top 5 list of things to bring with you in order to maximize your fun in NYC!

1. Comfortable shoes

As a NYC tourist you will be doing a fair amount of walking and running around. Cabs and subways are always a great way to travel around the city, but when you walk through the streets and stroll through the parks you are going to get more out of your NYC experience. So take a comfortable pair of walking shoes that you don't mind running around in. I would recommend taking two pairs of shoes. One that is close toed and one that is open toed, just in case the weather changes. 

2.  A Camera (that isn't your phone)

You may be thinking,  "Well my phone has a great camera and I don't want to carry so much stuff with me." Okay you make a point, but here is a better one, there are so many things that can go wrong with your camera phone. You can run out of memory or photo space, you can get distracted with calls or messages from home and miss great shots of the city. Bring a separate camera and be that tourist that takes photos of everything, trust me you will be happy when you get home and see all the great shots you got with your camera. 

3. Portable Charger

Many of our NYC tourists spend hours on end running through the city enjoying their trips without getting a second to sit down and charge their devices back at the hotel or in restaurants. So we recommend grabbing a protable charger that you can charge at night, for when you phone starts to die you can be ready and able to charge on the go! 

4. A Light Bag/Backpack

You will be moving around alot in NYC and you want to make sure that you can carry only the essentials in a secure bag that isn't too small or too big. We recommend a cross satchel. A bag with a good enough size to hold your wallet, phone and map. What else are you gonna need? 

5. A friend

NYC is a great city to meet other people and mingle, but what a great trip to also build memories with friends or family. Make sure to bring a friend with you and plan for fun memories that will last a life time.