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Tribeca - a New York neighborhood bringing excitement - once per year - to every serious movie fan. Certainly, Tribeca is far more than a movie festival, even a good festival. Manhattan, a long north-south oriented island, grew from the south - Battery Park- making Tribeca one of the first modern downtowns of the 1800's. It's no wonder NY City Hall is just a few blocks away.

The northern boundary of Tribeca is Canal Street, which is just north of the buildings on this page.

After a hundred and fifty years the local architecture is "varied" to use a nice term. The Empire State Building lies visible to most north-south running streets, including even here at the south end of Manhattan. Missing in much of modern architecture, the play of light on richly textured buildings enriches your walk through the intimate streets. This particular day the lighting played its most presentable production and I felt very fortunate having a camera in my hands.

Large windows that open not only make a building a human experience, before modern lighting and air conditioning the windows were a much more important architectural functional feature. The little circle are glass, designed to let light into basements. These amazingly strong glass pieces turn purple from exposure to the sun's UV rays, due to a chemical, a permanganate, used to help make the glass clear.

The World Trade Center replaced many building, 16 acres worth, of building similar to Tribeca. A very fascinating story lies in the tale of how, what, and why of the construction of the World trade Center. But that's another story. As you can see, the WTC marks the bottom of Tribeca.

Photos by Richard Pearlman

Phototour of Tribeca, New York

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