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S-Cruise NYC Private Boat Tour

S-Cruise NYC Private Boat Tour

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S-Cruise NYC Private Boat Tour Information

S-Cruise NYC Private Boat Tour Info

Ticket Info:
Starts at $220 for 4 people


90 minutes (customizable)

When to Go:
May - October

Tour Highlights:
Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and many more

Age Restriction:
None - children OK with adult

Important Information

S-Cruise offers private tours and cruises perfect for sightseeing, dates, relaxation, personal meetings and any other reason that a leisurely cruise can accommodate.

S-Cruise NYC Private Boat Tour Quick Facts

  • An S-Cruise is an all-weather activity, but if the weather is too much for the cruise, they will reschedule free of charge
  • Bringing along a single pet is okay
  • Children with a legal guardian are okay as well
  • Tips to the captain are not included in the price

Pier 25 - Tribeca

Website: http://s-cruise-nyc.com/

Phone Number: 877.884.6296

Ticket Info

Ticket prices vary on tour.

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S-Cruise NYC Private Boat Tour

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Specialty private cruises on the new Smartboat 23 - customized cruises starting at $220

Located in


Prices Starting at
$220.00 for adults

NYCTourist Travel Info

Features: S-Cruise offers a number of cruise options. From a daytime trip around the Statue of Liberty to a nighttime cruise under the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. S-Cruises offer a unique and memorable way to see and discover Manhattan and other NYC attractions. They offer guided tours as well as customizable cruises.

Why We Go: S-Cruise Smartboat Tours offers a full exploratory package that can give natives and visitors alike a brand new perspective on the city.

  • Take Photos: From an eco-friendly Smartboat 23, some of the most poignant photo opps are possible. Taking a picture within the city does not compare to the views available from the Hudson or the East River. Some attractions are impossible to take good pictures of except from on the waters around them.
  • Get Away: The city can become quite hot and muggy. A cruise around Manhattan with the breeze passing over and the sea spray keeping everybody cool is just the thing to beat the heat and get away from the hustle and bustle. Water is a relaxing medium, and taking the time to cruise over it with the majestic site of the city as a backdrop is just the thing for finding a little peace during the day.
  • Discover the City: An S-Cruise gives people a chance to see the city from an outside vantage. This can help people to understand the scope and magnitude of NYC. It also gives a perspective of the city that many never get chance to experience. Discovering the city is not just about visiting the different sites. It is about seeing the big picture.

Inside Knowledge: S-Cruise Smartboat Tours offer specialized cruise options. It is possible to create custom cruises, but S-Cruises offer some pre-arranged packages that people cannot find anywhere else. These include rides to Mets games and the US Open. They can set up cruises that facilitate special events such as wedding proposals and dates. They can set up or help customers with itineraries that include catering options. While the basic plans are excellent, S-Cruise will work with people to custom fit the options to their needs and desires.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Consider a Custom Trip: While the packages offered can satisfy most anyone's needs, a custom trip can create the most enjoyment. While S-Cruise prides itself on its cruise choices, certain people may want to get something else out of the trip. Instead of going here and there, it is possible to just take a complete circuit around Manhattan instead. Instead of seeing one sight or another, a group may want to see a few things in particular and linger longer at one place than another. Customization helps keep the trip fresh and unique.
  • Do Set Up Well in Advance: Setting up a reservation in advance of the trip keeps everything flowing smoothly. While S-Cruise Smartboat Tours are completely safe, it may help to schedule early in case of bad weather or other eventualities that can interrupt the cruise. It also helps to guarantee that a smartboat is available at the set time.
  • Don't Worry: People not familiar with spending time on the water can get a little leery at times. S-Cruise hires US Coast Guard licensed captains.
  • Don't Forget Our Other Services: S-Cruise offers many things beyond the casual cruise around the island. Because they also do custom trips, they offer many auxiliary services that can go along with cruise. People that would like food or non-alcoholic beverages can ask for them beforehand. Those that would like to go to specific areas or use S-Cruise as a water taxi service can do so. They offer gift certificates so people can share the S-Cruise experience with friends and family. S-Cruise often teams up with third parties to offer a unique experience that combines a tour with another activity, such as the Private Cruise and Oyster Party.