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The weather has become chilly in New York City which means it's time for cozy and romantic date nights. Whether you've been dating for a long time or this is your first date, there is no better way to impress than with NYCTourist's holiday date night in New York City. We'll start the date with dinner at Slide Restaurant then progress to a nice evening skate at Rockefeller center, and for the long time daters we have ended the night at the romantic Hotel Wolcott.

Wine and Dine

Dinner dates are one of the biggest parts of romance and love. While dinner dates aren't necessarily about the food or the price tag, ambiance is key when finding the perfect spot to enjoy each other's company.

It is all about the food, drinks, music and most importantly: the mood. Here are some top reasons for dining in NYC.

Atmosphere- The atmosphere adds to the flow of the evening. Head to a place that fits the mood of you and your partner. If you both enjoy warm vibes and a chill atomosphere maybe choose a place near little Italy like La Bella Ferrara.

The Food- Food is absoluely key when you dine out with your loved one. Pick a place you both will enjoy and can get to know each other better. The aspect of sharing makes this dinner more than just a meal.

The Drinks- Cheers to a great date! Wind down, or if it's your first date get a boost in confidence with Sessions 73's wine, beer, and signature cocktail offerings.  Just don't get too carried away, there's nothing worse than an overly intoxicated date!

Affordability- Don't break the bank! Get some of the best dishes in NYC with a budget!

Lace Up Your Skates

Ice Skating at The Rock- Ice skating is often left off the list of date ideas, but we don't know why! It's extremely fun and romantic! There’s just something about being outdoors, bundled up with one another as you skate across the ice that inspires intimacy. Especially, if you are as clumsy as I am, the little falls can be a great way for new daters to share a laugh and connect, also giving you the excuse to touch or hold hands to “help hold each other up.”

What better place to ice skate this holiday season than at the famous Rockefeller Center? During the holidays the rink is surrounded by lights and holiday decorations, and on November 30th, the annual Christmas tree lighting will take place. The tree will remain lit at Rockefeller Center until January 7th .What better way to experience the city on your holiday date night in New York City.

Cuddle Up

For the couples who have been together longer there is no better time of year to cozy up with your sweet one than during the chilly holiday season in New York City. No matter what type of romantic getaway you choose, finding the right hotel is a very important factor in making your trip memorable. We've found that many hotels offer special romance packages for couples looking to get away, but these deals aren't just for vacationers. Why not have a romantic stay-cation with your loved one? Romantic getaways don't always have to require traveling, it is just as romantic to get away from the norm and do something different and stay in a nice New York City hotel.

Hotel Wolcott - Book your romantic stay at the Hotel Wolcott and leave the details to the pros. Experience the Big Apple with the Empire State Building only three blocks from this gorgeous hotel location or take a stroll to Rockefeller Center, Times Square or Ground Zero. End your romantic getaway date night in this luxurious and romantic hotel.

For more ideas for a holiday date night in New York City visit for a list of restaurants, entertainment, activities, hotels, and deals in the Big Apple. is one of NYC's busiest and oldest travel & tourism sites for everything New York City.