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While vacationing in New York it’s hard to make room for all of the various cuisines that the city is known for. That’s what New York City food tours are for! Food tours not only allow you to sample a few different restaurants, but introduce you to the culture, history and all the city’s secrets along the way! A guided tour is a great way for tourists to learn more about this amazing city, and all of the food that it offers. Take a NYC Food Tour tour early in your trip so that you can try even more of the food you like, and get a great intro to the city to guide you on the rest of your trip! Ahoy New York City Food Tours make navigating through the city to all the best restaurants easy and fun, and fit seven different tastes of NYC into one lunch! There are many unknown locations and hidden gems recommended along the tour that you may not have noticed otherwise, so you’ll definitely want to consider this tour for your next trip.

Why Ahoys New York City Food Tours?

This NYC tour company specializes in combining food, culture and the city’s fascinating history into a walking tour through Chinatown and Little Italy. While many tourists who have taken the tour for themselves praise the food they got to enjoy along the way, they also appreciate the valuable knowledge gained from the experience from their friendly and entertaining guide. As the tour proceeds the neighborhoods come to life as you learn their histories and you’ll begin to see them in a different light once their hidden gems are revealed to you. The smaller groups on these Ahoy New York Food Tours make the experience much more easygoing and intimate, giving you the personal experience you deserve on a tour!

Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest

There are many Chinatown flavors and without help you may not know where to start. After this tour you’ll be able to lead the way to various authentic tastes of this famous New York neighborhood. Enjoy two signature Chinese dishes the way they’re supposed to be done: the dumpling and the egg roll. There are plenty of genuine businesses that have been passed down for generations, and much more history and culture than you can imagine for one place.

While in Little Italy, learn how the Italian immigrants lived and also how they ate! Try a taste of Italy (or a few) starting with prosciutto and homemade mozzarella. Learn about authentic imported Italian cheeses and use this new knowledge in your next cooking experiment or wine pairing. Try a slice of “grandma’s pie” at a local pizzeria, and after all this savory bites grab a little dessert from an Italian pastry shop.

There is one sit down lunch spot at a Thai specialty restaurant described as “perfectly timed” in the middle of the tour, and there is bound to be something new to try!

What To Know:

What Time? The tours start at 10:30 a.m. (Friday-Sunday) and 11 a.m. (Thursday) and last approximately 3 hours. What To Bring? Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing for the season- sunscreen and a hat or a coat and gloves. Bring a water bottle, you can pick one up at the starting location. And of course a hungry belly and open mind! All of the tastings are included in your tour price, but it you’ll want to bring a little extra to tip your helpful tour guide at the end!Who To Bring? Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, so vegetarians, diabetics, and those with allergies are able to enjoy as well! Reduced tickets are available for children but you know your child and a 3 hour meal may not be their thing. But by all means, if they have a knack for history and a hearty appetite, bring them along!

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