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New York City isn't the city best known for their Bring Your Own Booze options, but there are still plenty of great BYOB spots in NYC that are worth a try. Eating out, and drinking out, in NYC can get pretty pricey, but you can cut down the costs a bit and still get your buzz on while you eat with these great BYOB restaurants in the Big Apple. Most of the BYOB restaurants in New York are conveniently located near a store that sells alcohol - trust us, there's just about one of those places on every block - so you won't have to go far from the restaurant to find booze to bring with you! BYOB restaurants offer the convenience of a wider selection of beers and wines available with your meal, without the risk of showing up to dinner and being disappointed in their booze selection that lacks just what you're craving.

No matter what you're in the mood for, there's a restaurant with every cuisine in NYC that you can bring your own alcohol to to enjoy a nice meal. Here are our favorite BYOB restaurants with every type of ethnic food you could possibly want while you're in the city.

La Sirene
A little French restaurants in South Village that hits all the marks! This modern French bistro may be cash only, but it is well worth the trip to the ATM. Hudson Wine and Spirits offers free wine delivery without a minimum charge as well, and there's no corkage fee either! The restaurant provides a cozy and intimate setting for couples and small groups, but don't plan on having your large dinner party here; many nights parties larger than six won't be sitting together.
Food Tip: Don't miss the goat cheese tart when you come.

This sushi bar on the Upper East Side is BYOB, but bring your own Sake and they'll even warm it up for you. While they don't take reservations so getting a table can be tricky once the place picks up, it's a great restaurant for large parties, with a fun atmosphere. Fun atmosphere usually means it can get pretty loud, right? Right. Don't expect a quiet and intimate dinner for two with a restaurant that pulls out all the stops just for you. The service is great, but any of the locals that dine here regularly can tell you that you might be accompanied by quite a few heavily intoxicated and loud-mouthed New Yorkers. Who would have thought?
Food Tip: Their Truffle Roll is the most popular dish in the house.

Kaz An Nou
A French Caribbean restaurant in Prospects Heights? Guess we're making the trek to Brooklyn! It's cash only and the menu is small, but you can't go wrong with just about any of it. The prices are just right and the atmosphere is very inviting.
Food Tip: Get the jerk chicken.

When you're in NYC, you have to have a slice of pizza, right? Why not kill two birds with one stone and get your pizza at your BYOB destination in this Brooklyn joint? Definitely make a reservation, because word on the street is they have the best pizza in New York City and people flock to find out on the regular. It's not uncommon for people to wait 2 hours or so for a table here when they're busy, or for these people to be drinking heavily in line while they wait. There's nothing wrong with reaping the benefits of BYOB, is there?
Food Tip: Get a calzone and don't come famished without expecting to wait a bit. 

This Indian restaurant in East Village conveniently has a - wait for it - convenience store, right downstairs. Stop in and check out their big selection of beers, buy a few and then head up for a meal. It's perfect for small groups and couples, and has lunch specials with great prices. When you need your spicy food fix, definitely grab some cash and head this way for what may be the best authentic Sri Lanken food outside of Sri Lanka. They may actully do it better than the country does itself, so you won't be disappointed.
Food Tip: If you like it spicy, you'll like just about anything here, but if you don't think you can handle the fire, they can make it mild for you. Emphasize the mild if this is the case.

A Polish restaurant conveniently located a few doors down from a liquor store? Yes please. This is the perfect place to get your Polish platter! All the food tastes homemade and fresh. 
Food Tip: The stuffed cabbage and white borscht - yum!

There are plenty of BYOB restaurants to choose from in New York City, in every Borough from almost every region of the world you can imagine. These are our favorite! Most of them are cash only and aren't huge, so be sure to come prepared with money in hand and possibly a wait. Good thing you're bringing the booze to accompany your waiting though, right? What are your favorite BYOB places in New York City? Let us know by following us on Facebook or Google+!