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If you want to learn about New York City and its diverse cuisines, a food tour sounds right for you! But if you want to really learn about how the city has become all that it is today while tasting all of its staple foods, nothing sounds more right for you than a New York Bagel Tour!

This food tour led by native New Yorkers ensures you'll get the real experiences that these guides have been born and raised around. Ben and Marty lead bagel tours through the streets they have deep roots in, and they really care about showing people the nooks and crannies of their home. Take a tour of the most popular locations in New York City and begin it like a true city dweller- with a hot, fresh bagel.

100 Years of Grand Central Tour

Located in the heart of the city, Grand Central Station is a pivotal point that connects every section of the city together and with the rest of the country. It was built in 1913 and has seen it all! Much like the tour guides it has watched the city evolve into what it has become today. Once the star of the city for it’s architecture and grandeur, it now shares the star position with newer and grander buildings of the modern day. However, the historic terminal does stay in the nation’s top ten touring sights so make sure visiting this great landmark is high on your priority list!

The Everything Bagel- The Lower East Side

The Lower East Side of the City was once flooded with immigrants wanting to start a better life in America. They brought their cultures along too and with that came their languages, style, clothes and especially their food. They shaped the area and with all their contributions came a beautifully diverse culture of a new breed. Today, Ben and Marty claim there are new immigrants in the neighborhood bringing their own style and changing the scene a bit. They would be the hipsters. Learn about the strong history of the Lower East Side and experience the new scene first hand. Original history, architecture, and food still remain in the area too, waiting for you to stop by with the tour!

Chinatown & Little Italy: The Fresh Garlic Bagel Tour

This tour provides an amazing opportunity to experience Chinese dumplings one minute, and Italian cheeses and pastries another. Enjoy a delicious fresh garlic bagel and learn about the rich history of these two neighborhoods. On this tour, you will visit the largest Buddhist temple in NYC, a historic tea parlor, the oldest street in Chinatown and America's oldest cheese shop and oldest pizzeria. These huge cultural contributors are legendary neighborhoods that you don't want to miss!

The High Line and Meat Market Tour

Probably one of the biggest transformations since its outset, High Line is a popular section for New Yorkers and non- New Yorkers alike. The neighborhoods were once industrial and thriving but never known as luxurious or attractive. Over the years they became dilapidated and even less appealing. Now, they have been revived and even the abandoned New York High Line is remodeled into an urban park. Today, this area is upscale and offers fashionable restaurants, hotels and shops.

If there is a certain area of Manhattan you are interested in Ben and Marty can arrange and set up a custom tour for you. Go with a group, big or small, or just bring yourself and a hungry stomach and mind. Explore a borough all peppered with history and full of stories you would never hear from any other person than a native New Yorker.

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