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Seeking the best food trucks in New York City? There are many to choose from, but we've got our top picks. New York City is notorious for its classic street food vendors, of hotdogs, knishes and pretzels, however New York is also fashion forward, even with food trends, and the latest boom in the street dining scene is food trucks in NYC. 

We recommend scouting out these New York City food trucks during your visit:


Wafles and Dinges

Their Thing: Waffles with savory and sweet toppings.

One of the most popular restaurants on wheels cruising the streets of Manhattan, this New York food truck serves breakfast, lunch and dessert style waffles, made to order. With flavor options like BBQ pulled pork, a meat lover's Leige Waffle, Chile Con Corne, and de bacon syrup waffle, and loads of toppings to create your own, these $2-$6 dishes are delicious any time of day.

Morris Grilled Cheese

Their Thing: Gourmet grilled cheese, soups and homemade pickles.

They do grilled cheese and they do it well. Menu items include the delicate cheese made with truffle butter, truffle cheese and caramelized onions, as well as Gouda grilled cheese with bacon with boiled eggs and onion caper mayonnaise.  Cold sandwiches, tomato soup and veggie substitutes are available as well. 

Marky Ramone's Cruisin' Kitchen

Their Thing: Meatballs and Marky Ramone

This is one of NYC's newest food trucks to hit the streets, and happens to be owned by Ramones drummer, Marky Ramon.  Orders are all $7, with meatball choices of Italian beef, American turkey, Mexican chorizo and Asian pork, served either on a roll or in a boat. Hunt down this truck for tasty meatballs and chance to meet the only living band member from the Ramones!

Korilla BBQ

Their Thing: Korean BBQ tacos.

Calling carnivores and vegetarians - Korilla BBQ NYC food truck is equal opportunity for all eaters who appreciate delicious flavor! Korean tacos are made with marinated beef, spicy pork, chicken or tofu - all will be messy and all will be delicious! The lunch special is $7 for 3 tacos of your choice, and we highly recommend it!

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

Their Thing: Chinese dumplings.

Chinese food trucks in NYC are hard to come by, but Rickshaw Dumpling Truck pretty much has it covered. They charge $6 for any 6 dumplings, and $3 more for a side of noodle salad or miso soup; both are excellent, and the noodle salad is a unique and fresh combo of veggies, cold noodles and great flavors. Don't pass up the peanut sauce and try other dumpling dipping sauces as well. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar is a non-mobile restaurant, in Chelsea, so if you can't find the truck, head to the home-base!

Big Red Lobster Truck NYC

Their Thing: Maine-style lobster rolls.

Succulent lobster on the go? Yes please. The Lobster Pound in Brooklyn now has a truck, serving Maine-style lobster rolls on the streets of New York. It sounds like a dream-come-true, and it is. Homemade lemon mayonnaise complements the butter-soaked lobster on a sliced bun.  Variations of sauce flavors and sandwich styles, like the Lobster BLT have become favorite menu items. Rolls are $16, but you can add chips and a drink for just $2 extra. Yum.

GO Burger Truck

Their Thing: Burgers, shakes and fries.

GO Burger is a well-known burger joint in NYC, known to keep customers coming back for more, and now they're on the GO with the NYC GO Burger food truck.  Both beef and veggie burgers are made with top-notch ingredients, and the truck is also stocked with hot dogs, salads and other sides. Get your GO Burger fix right from the sidewalk!

Mexicue NYC Food Truck

Their Thing: Tex-Mex Mexican BBQ fusion.

Tacos made with smoked short rib meat, doused in BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese - that's the basic idea of Mexicue! Other menu items include pulled pork sliders with onions, jalapeno poppers, chili rice bowls and more. Choose your toppings and walk away with a solid BBQ-infused Mexican lunch for $3-$4 at this Mexican food truck in NYC.

The Treats Truck

Their Thing: Sweet treats.

In need of a sugar buzz pick-me-up? The Treats Truck NYC is rolling through to save the day with all things sugar. From baked goods like cookies and brownies to rice crispy treats and Oatmeal Jammy, this truck brings all the goods all over Manhattan!