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Just like sugar, honey. Well literally actually, because sugar is the main ingredient in all the best ice cream in NYC. Sugar and happiness, right? That's what it tastes like to us.

The 4th of July may be over now, but Budweiser is still making their American flag cans, and that's all we really need to tell us that it's still summer. Well, that and the blazing heat of course. Brews are a very traditional way to cool down in the summer, but sometimes the way to really hit the spot and beat the heat is with a sweet and sticky treat.

The best ice cream shops in New York can expect to see a lot of business from us since after the 4th of July we're kind of taking a break from our best Buds, if you will, for at least a few hours. Since we'll still need delicious summer treats, ice cream will be there to fill the void. Our favorite ice cream in New York City goes a little something like this:

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Why is all the best ice cream cash only? This little gem is well-worth a trip to the ATM, because for over 30 years they've been serving up delicious flavors at almost unbeatable prices. For less than $3 (for those of you that have a little self-control and don't order one of every flavor) you can enjoy a scoop of delicious New York ice cream from this family run shop to lick while you walk around and try to resist the rest of the deals in Chinatown. Some of the deals are easy to resist, but this ice cream is definitely not one of them.

  • Best Flavors: The Almond cookie, Black sesame, Red bean and lychee.

Big Gay Ice Cream
They have both a traveling truck and an always-there (but not always-open) storefront and possibly some of the most interesting selections available. The Salty Pimp is what they have sort of become known for, and for good reason! Although of course not for the same reasons most New York pimps are famous. The ice creams have coatings like chocolate or vanilla wafer crumbs (etc) and they are just plain delish.

  • Best Flavors: The Salty Pimp (don't pass this one up on morals and standards) and the Bea Arthur (possibly the same thing said about the previous flavor. She wasn't the prettiest of the Golden girls, but she sure makes a delicious ice cream flavor).

Sundaes and Cones
This little shop in East Village has tons of homemade ice creams with delicious infused flavors. For all of you prudes who diet and care more about looking good in your bathing suit than pleasing your gut, they also have a selection of non-fat ice cream, no-sugar-added ice cream and frozen yogurt. Just don't rub it in our face when we get the sugary stuff with all the toppings. Sample a few before you commit to a flavor though #nomnomnom.

  • Best Flavors: Green Tea, black sesame, red bean.

Lula's Sweet Apothecary
Okay, even though they aren't open on Monday's (so God forbid we get a craving at the beginning of the week) this New York ice cream shop has our number, and we have theirs on speed dial. Not only do they have delicious ice cream that literally melts in your mouth, they have vegan ice cream. they are NYC's first non-dairy and vegan dessert shop with gluten free and non-dairy selections. They have rotating flavors, and let's face it, ice cream even the Grandma's Boy cast wouldn't walk out on.

  • Best Flavors: The cake batter soft serve and the peanut butter fudge are grand.

When you're in the city looking for something to cool you down on a hot summer day, these spots have the best ice cream in New York City. Of course there's nothing wrong with going old school and chasing down the ice cream truck in Central Park, but for something different and fun, all these ice cream stores have fun flavors and it doesn't hurt that most of them are nicely priced too.

Let us know what your favorite ice cream shops in NYC are by adding us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. We'd never say no to a little sweet talk, if ya know what we mean!