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The Best Man

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  • If you're missing that great head of hair from Full House, don't worry. John Stamos is the newest addition to The Best Man Broadway Show!
  • The Best Man NYC is a show about two presidential candidates facing moral dilemmas in the most humorous way.
  • The story for The Best Man Broadway Show was writen over 50 years ago, and it's still applicapable today!

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Schoenfeld Theatre
236 West 45th St
New York, New York 10036
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The Best Man

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The Best Man NYC is a Broadway show about politics and morals.

Located in

Midtown West

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Features: The Best Man NYC is a story of two candidates racing for the shot to be president of the United States. This play is a humorous look at the ambitious power plays that go into elections.

Why We Go: The Best Man NYC is funny, but the story is real. Not only will you enjoy the entertainment, but you also might be provoked to think a little bit about our current political system.

  • The Truth: The Best Man Broadway Show is just that, a Broadway show, but it reveals the moral dilemmas that the man in charge will inevitably face, and opens the eyes of people who live in this country and vote for these men.
  • The Humor: While it talks about important issues that really do effect our lives every four years (and kind of every day in between), The Best Man on Broadway NYC makes light of some of the topics and scenes in the play.
  • It's Interactive: The director, Michael Wilson, likes to include the audience in the action of The Best Man NYC, so don't think you can get away with sleeping through this one.

Inside Knowledge: The Best Man on Broadway NYC right now was actually written 50 years ago by Gore Vidal for the 1960's election.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Prepare for a Great Show: The Best Man star-studded cast surely will not let you down. John Stamos, (oh la la!) Cybill Shepherd, Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones and Kristin Davis have replaced a few members of the previous cast and have these guys ever let you down before?
  • Do Laugh a Little: The Best Man Broadway Show is not all politics and hardship. There are a few lighthearted moments that even the toughest crowds will smile about.
  • Don't Bring the Kids: The Best Man NYC isn't inappropriate, but we don't know many politically enthusiastic children that would be willing to sit through this one and enjoy it.
  • Don't Overpay: Don't wait until the last minute to get your tickets to The Best Man NYC. Pre-order online to save a few bucks for a nice dinner beforehand. Check out our green Book Now button for the best online deals.

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