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 If you didn't already know, we're in the middle of bike month in New York City (... and nation-wide!)  New York City is a big biking city, and the trend is growing, not just because it's May. Biking is obviously great for several reasons, including healthy exercise, saving money and it's a green-friendly form of transportation. In a city with more than 8 million people, a raising the popularity of riding bicycles in New York City is a wonderful thing.

In the last 6 years, the City of New York has installed over 250 miles of city-wide bike lanes, making it easier for cyclists to navigate and use biking as a solid form of transportation. There are currently about 700 miles of bike lanes in NYC, and it's about to get even easier to join the biking train.  Ther is about to be a New York City Bike Share program being put into play, which will provide 10,000 bikes at over 600 bike stations, where people can borrow bikes for a short ride for a small fee. This new NYC bike share system will begin this summer.

If you haven't gotten on board with biking yet, tomorrow is the perfect time to start - May 18th is National Bike to Work Day, and everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter what biking level you're at.  

Bike Commuting 101 is a bike event in NYC being put on by Eastern Mountain Sports on May 17th  at their Broadway location at 6:30pm, in preparation for National Bike Day.  Tips will be given on how to comfortably and safely bike to work. 

Biking awareness, free drinks, and ample support from fellow cyclists are all included benefits, so fill your tires, put on your helmet, and join the movement of biking in NYC!