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Exploring the Big Apple via bicycle is one of the best ways to get accustomed to the city. Being on a bike allows visitors to get up close and personal with all of the fantastic New York City attractions in a way that traveling via bus or car wouldn’t permit, and yet covers more ground than trekking through the city on foot would.

Why not rent a bike or a head out on a guided tour with Blazing Saddles, who are your one-stop shopping for everything needed to discover NYC and get a little exercise. This company has been supplying NYC tourists and local bikers alike with fabulous bicycle rentals and guided NYC bike tours for over 25 years, so a pleasant experience is all but guaranteed.

Where They Are

Blazing Saddles has three different locations. One is located on Pier 78, one is situated on Pier 17, and the third is located on Governors Island. The Pier 78 location is on the Hudson River Greenway near West 38th Street, which is the perfect launching point for a picturesque ride along the Hudson River to Central Park, and it stays open all year-round. The Pier 17 location is at the South Street Seaport and is the ideal destination to jet through the Brooklyn Bridge. Governors Island is just a quick ferry ride and has many bike paths, gardens, and places to relax. 

When To Go

Both Pier locations are open at 9am daily. Governors Island opens at 10am with an offer of one hour free from Monday through Friday (good from 10am-12noon).  The Spring, Summer and early Fall are the best times to cruise through New York City on a bicycle as the weather is typically warmer and less unpredictable, so if you are planning a trip during those times, definitely try and incorporate a day of biking courtesy of Blazing Saddles into your busy New York City sightseeing schedule.

Who to Bring

This is an exhilarating New York City activity that the whole family can enjoy, as children are more than welcome to have a bike rented out for them. Blazing Saddles actually offers kids’ bikes to rent out at a cheaper rate, or very small children who may find a long bike ride through New York City too daunting or exhausting can be placed in a trailer designed to be carted along on the back of an adult’s bike. There are also baby seats available for infants or toddlers that will keep them secure and nestled in on the back of the bicycle for the entirety of the ride.

What to Expect

The staff at Blazing Saddles will ensure that everyone in your party has the best fitting bike for their size and skill-level, and the ones most appropriate depending on the intensity of the journey. They will also outfit you with helmets, and have maps which will help navigate the area. They are also more than happy to offer up verbal directions for any of the NYC bike paths you may want to check out on your trip. Reserve your bike ahead of time and save 10% when you book online.

Where to Explore

New York City has recently made a huge effort to upgrade the bike trails around the city to make it much more accessible to bikers, which means that there are several wonderful areas to explore in New York via bicycle. The bike-friendly Greenway is in the vicinity of the Pier 78 location, and offers up a serene bike ride with glimpses of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Naval Air Museum and the 9/11 Memorial. Definitely stop at some of the New York City landmarks along the way to snap some photos to commemorate your New York City vacation. Those who choose to go along this route can make their way to Central Park, which is one of the most lush and green spots in the otherwise concrete and industrial city, and is best explored via bicycle. The Pier 17 location is the perfect place to rent a bike in NYC and bike across the Brooklyn bridge and take in some breathtaking views of the world-famous Manhattan skyline.

Guided Bike Tours

Many prefer the insight and experience that comes with a guided tour in a city they've never been or want to learn more about. Advanced reservations are required for these tours, call or email to book your spot on either of these tours!

  • Blazing Saddles offers a Brooklyn Bridge guided tour that consists of a knowledgeable guide escorting the group around the New York City landmark and sharing fascinating tidbits about this world-famous attraction. The duration of this tour is about three hours, but you actually get to use the bike for the full-day, so feel free to fit in some other bike sightseeing into your schedule before you have to return it to Blazing Saddles.
  • They also have a Central Park Guided Tour as a way to see Central Park unlike ever before! Starting at Pier 78, this tour heads up the West Side Greenway passing the U.S.S. Intrepid Air and Space Museum along the way to Central Park. This is a beautiful place to bike, and your tour guide will point out all the best places along the way to snap some great pictures and give you the inside scoop on all sorts of interesting things!

Book Your Blazing Saddles Tour in NYC Today! For any more information: 971.440.9094