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Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group NYC

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  • The Blue Man Group NYC debuted in the Astor Place Theater in 1991, and it now owns this historic NY theater.
  • The Blue Man Group has permanent performance groups in NYC, Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando, and also tours nationally and internationally.
  • The Blue Man Show is a kid-friendly NY show.

Show Info

Show Dates:
1991 - Ongoing

Performance Times:
Mon.- Fri. 8pm, Sat.- Sun. 2pm, 5pm & 8pm

Running Time:
1 Hour 45 Minutes (No Intermission)

Astor Place Theater
434 Lafayette St
New York, New York 10003

Nearest Transit:
Astor Place (6); 8th St-Broadway (R, W;

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Age Restriction:
Recommended for Children 8+

Advanced Ticket Purchases Recommended

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Visually Entertaining Show - Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is like no other show you'll see in New York City.  Its incredible visual displays will captivate you for the entire show.  Also, you may like that the Blue Man Group show is very interactive.  If you're in the audience, you have a decent chance of being picked to do something during the show. 

However, if you have young children, this show may not be the best choice for them; there is a good deal of reading, and they may not be able to fully appreciate the visual dynamics.  You won't have to overspend on tickets; since the theater is pretty small, virtually any seat is a good seat.


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Family Show

Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group NYC Celebrates Two Decades at the Astor Place Theater

Located in


Price Range:

Features: A visually stunning and surprisingly funny avant-garde showcase in Manhattan, the Blue Man Group have been delighting audiences of all ages since 1987. The famous trio that make up the family-friendly Blue Man show mix upbeat musical performances with slapstick humor, and enjoy interacting with the crowd at the Astor Place Theater in New York.

Why We Go: One of NYC's most famous entertainment options, the Blue Man Group NYC combine their naive humor with impressive musical numbers you won't see or hear anywhere else. Using PVC instruments and several buckets of colorful paint, the Blue Man Group NYC will entertain the whole family.

  • The Buzz: The Blue Man Group has been features on TV shows, commercials, and national tours since the early '90's. Find out what all the fuss is about at the Astor Place Theater in New York.
  • Crowd Interaction: The Blue Man Group NYC often uses the crowd as inspiration for their humor, and actually takes one or two crowd volunteers "hostage" before the show, using them in skits throughout the Blue Man show.

Inside Knowledge: The Astor Place Theater in NoHo is where it all began for the Blue Man Group, which debuted at this historic NY theater in 1991 with a show they called "Tubes."

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Buy Cheap Tickets: There's really no such thing as a bad seat at the small Auster Place Theater, home of the Blue Man Group NYC. We recommend saving some cash and buying a seat anywhere in this NY theater.
  • Do Be Prepared to Laugh: The Blue Man Group New York features clever humor the whole family will enjoy.
  • Don't Wear Your Favorite Clothes: Especially if you're sitting in the first few rows, paint, food, and other objects have been known to fly off the Blue Man Group stage and cover the crowd. That's what the ponchos they hand out are for!
  • Don't Expect to Sit the Whole Time: The Blue Man Group NYC performances feel more like a rock concert than a Broadway musical. You'll be standing and clapping throughout this popular NY show.

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