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Botacon NYC Summary

Event Overview: New York Botacon is a fairly new convention that takes place at the Brooklyn Lyceum in New York. It is a one-day event that celebrates professional and hobby-level robotics NYC. This Robot Convention NYC features hobbyists who play around with robots on the side as well as professionals looking to make advances in robotics.

What to Expect: New York Botacon showcases the brilliant and hilarious minds of robotic lovers, and it also features plenty of cool robot designs.

  • New: New conventions are always very exciting since it is a chance for everyone to see a ton of new faces. New York Botacon should be no exception, as the quirky and creative minds of robotics developers will be meeting others that share the passion.
  • Guest speakers: Many robotics experts show up to New York Botacon in order to speak on different subjects related to robotics. This includes topics such as making your robot a web server, as well as how you can make your robot feel more alive.
  • Free lunch: One of the perks of going to New York Botacon is the free lunch that one of the sponsors caters for the crowd. In 2010, the lunch came from Not Ray's Pizza, a popular establishment that pokes fun at the numerous Ray's Pizza restaurants around New York City.

Inside Knowledge: 2010 marks Botacon's first year. It is a fairly new convention and may expand or move to another venue in the future, depending on popularity.

Event Hints:

  • Be enthusiastic: These people love their robots. We mean it - they love EVERYTHING about them. Share some enthusiasm as they speak about their subjects, as they put a lot of hard work into their discussions.
  • Be involved: The panels and workshops of New York Botacon hinge on the discussion of other attendees. If you have questions, ask. While expert robotics enthusiasts may be there as well, they are also more than willing to educate people on the basics.
  • Stay late: The day at New York Botacon is ended with a self-organized dinner and a drinkup casual bar meetup after that. Be sure to network and meet some new people, and then go out with your new friends.

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Botacon NYC



Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Ave
Brooklyn, US
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Event Date

Dec 11,2012

Event Cost

$35 - $45

Botacon NYC is Brooklyn's haven for robot enthusiasts

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Event Quick Facts

  • The first Botacon Robot Convention NYC was held in 2010
  • Convention focuses on Robotics NYC
  • Workshops and panels discussing the latest developments in robotics for companies and hobbyists


Nearest Transit:
Union St (M, R)

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