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Brooklyn Cyclones at MCU Park

Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball at MCU Park

Brooklyn Cyclones Mascot Sandy

Sandy Seagull is the Brooklyn Cyclones Official Mascot

If you're a baseball fan, but you don't want to spend half your vacation money on New York Mets or New York Yankees tickets, don't despair of seeing a baseball game in New York City: just go to a Brooklyn Cyclones game! The Brooklyn Cyclones are a minor-league baseball team based out of Brooklyn's MCU Park at the Coney Island boardwalk. Originally founded in Toronto, where they were known as the St. Catharines, the Brooklyn Cyclones (along with their principal rivals, the Staten Island Yankees) were brought to New York in 1999 by then-mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The Brooklyn Cyclones have featured many mascots over the years. In 2006, the team introduced a pelican mascot, but the pelican was so poorly received that it neither received a name nor a second season. In 2008, a new mascot named Maverick the Wonder Dog (a real chocolate labrador retriever) was introduced. He, too, lasted only a single season, despite his ability to pick up balls and baseball bats. At present, the team receives encouragement from Sandy the Seagull and Pee-Wee, Sandy's adopted son.

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The best thing about Brooklyn Cyclones tickets? The price! For what it would cost you to attend a New York Yankees or New York Mets game by yourself, you could pay to bring your whole family with you to a Brooklyn Cyclones game. You get the same thrilling experience, the same intense competition, but for a fraction of the price. What better way to introduce your young son or daughter to the joys of baseball?

Want to learn more about the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team? Scroll below to view the current Brooklyn Cyclones team roster!

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Brooklyn Cyclones Past Team Roster - Can You Guess the Year?

Eduarddo Aldama Pitcher   Marcos Camarena Pitcher
Hunter Carnavale Pitcher   T.J. Chism Pitcher
Randy Fontanez Pitcher   Jeremy Gould Pitcher
Casey Hauptman Pitcher   Chris Hilliard Pitcher
John Leathersich Pitcher   Cory Mazzoni Pitcher
Tyson Seng Pitcher   Orlando Tovar Pitcher
Carlos Vazquez Pitcher   Jeffrey Walters Pitcher
Todd Weldon Pitcher   Steve Winnick Pitcher
Xorge Carrillo Catcher   Amauris Valdez Catcher
Nelfi Zapata Catcher   Brandon Brown Infielder
Cole Frenzel Infielder   Bryan Harrison Infielder
Richard Lucas Infielder   Daniel Muno Infielder
Ismael Tijerina Infielder   Jonathan Clark Outfielder
Chase Greene Outfielder   Javier Rodriguez Outfielder
Travis Taijeron Outfielder   Charles Thurber Outfielder
Frank Viola Coach (Pitching)   Bobby Malek Coach (Hitting)
Rich Donnelly Manager  

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