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Brooklyn Eats

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Brooklyn Eats Summary

Event Overview: The first annual Brooklyn fancy food-style tradeshow will be taking place on June 26, 2013 and will be a showcase of local Brooklyn businesses in the food industry. The festival will be an interactive experience with a selection of fantastic local products, that chefs, restauranters and foodies can sample, learn about and order to be the next big thing in their business.

What to Expect: Those looking to get their start in the Brooklyn food industry will appreciate the expert guidance, ability to sample before buying, and a series of hands-on food-related activities that will keep new foodies and experienced restauranteurs alike in the know on the latest and greatest local products in the business.

  • Sample Products: Congregate with fellow food producers, and sample their locally-grown or made products. Who knows? Maybe one of these products holds the key to your restaurant's next standout dish.
  • Support for Local Businesses: All of the participating vendors are required have at least one product made, packaged or distributed in Brooklyn, and encouraging the continuation of this exciting new food-fest by creating a sense of community between New York food producers would go a long way in helping local businesses thrive.
  • Similar to the Fancy Food Show: Those who have had luck at the world-famous Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in the past will see echoes of that show in the Brooklyn Eats, just on a smaller and more intimate scale.

Inside Knowledge: Brooklyn Eats started in 1997 and used to be a food-tasting showcase for 20 local restaurants. It kept expanding to 68 restaurants in 2004, but now has been rebranded to focus more on Brooklyn products for this new incarnation of the festival.

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Brooklyn Eats



Pfizer Building
630 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, US
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Event Dates

Jun 26,2013

Calling all foodies, chefs and restauranters!

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Event Quick Facts

  • Brooklyn Eats will be taking place on Wednesday June 26, 2013 in Williamsburg.
  • Hundreds are expected to flock to Brooklyn to sample and view products, and meet the food manufactuers behind some popular Brooklyn-made items.
  • Cookie Fairy Sweets, Kings County Jerky, Damascus Bakery and Brewla Sweets are just a few of the up and coming Brooklyn-based businesses that will be vendors at the show from 10 am to 5 pm on June 26 at the Pfizer Building.



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