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Brooklyn the Musical

Brooklyn the Musical NYC

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  • Performed at the Plymouth Theatre, which was re-named to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
  • Ran for 284 performances
  • A 2006 national tour starring Diana DeGarmo took place after this show ended on Broadway

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Show Dates:
Oct 21, 2004 - June 26, 2005

Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
236 W. 45th Street
New York, New York 10036
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Brooklyn the Musical

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Brooklyn the Musical is an inspiration tale that goes from the streets to the stage

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Times Square

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Features: Brooklyn on Broadway was a Broadway musical that ran from late 2004 until mid 2005. It featured a main character named Brooklyn who went from performing under the Brooklyn Bridge to singing at Madison Square Garden. This New York inspired musical featured plenty of drama and barriers for the main character to overcome.

Why We Go: Brooklyn on Broadway was a tale of going from trash to treasure, and featured a strong script by Mark Schoenfeld who was once in the same situation as the characters were in the beginning of this Broadway musical.

  • Writer background: The writer of the book for the Brooklyn Broadway show, Mark Schoenfeld, spent some of his life living on the streets of New York while he performed as a musician. This served as the inspirational background for the characters in Brooklyn, who also performed on the streets during the early parts of this production.
  • Rags to riches: The story for Brooklyn Broadway show is a classic tale of going from rags to riches. Despite working on the streets and the tragic events that took place for Brooklyn the singer's family members, she continues to perform and work her way from the Brooklyn Bridge to Madison Square Garden.
  • Inspirational: The main character in Brooklyn on Broadway had a tough life in the play. Yet she still made something of herself, despite all of the hardships. This play featured some very inspirational characters.

Inside Knowledge: The director for Brooklyn on Broadway, Jeff Calhoun, also directed the revivals to 'Grease' and 'Big River'.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do have tissues ready: Should you find Brooklyn on Broadway playing near you at a local theater, make sure to bring some tissues. Chances are you will need them throughout the show.
  • Do listen to the music: Not only are many of the songs from Brooklyn on Broadway catchy, but some are also sung by finalists of 'American Idol'. This is a great chance to hear some great voice talent in action during a performance.
  • Don't miss it if it returns: While it is very rare for newer plays like Brooklyn on Broadway to ever return to New York City, there is always a chance of performances elsewhere. Be sure to stay on track of any performances if they take place even outside of New York City if you want to see this New York musical.
  • Don't miss Billy Elliot: If you are looking for an inspirational Broadway musical that is currently playing, then check out Billy Elliot. It's a touching story of a boy who goes through abuse and mocking in order to fulfill his dream of being a ballet dancer.

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