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Burlesque to Broadway

Burlesque to Broadway Millennium Theatre NYC

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127 East 23rd Street
New York, NY
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Hours of Operation:
Show starts at 8pm



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Cover Charge:
Starts at just $35, $49, $69 and VIP packages start at $139

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Burlesque to Broadway Quick Facts

  • Burlesque to Broadway is playing at the historic Gramercy Theatre off Broadway in New York City.
  • Don't miss the Burlesque to Broadway  performances Feb 5-8, 2014!
  • Tickets will likely sell out, so visit burlesquetobroadway.com  to secure your spot!

Dress Code:
Upscale Casual

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Burlesque to Broadway

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Don't Miss Burlesque Superstar Quinn Lemley in Burlesque to Broadway at Millennium Theatre!

Located in


Gramercy Park

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Features: Burlesque to Broadway is a touring theatrical concert and burlesque spectacle full of show-stopping musical numbers starring Quinn Lemley and her on-stage sidekicks Raz and Gracie.  These lovely ladies dazzle audiences in a throwback nightclub setting at Gramercy Theatre off Broadway in New York City, with their stunning feathered, sequined sparkling outfits, bold jokes, dance moves and charisma. 

Why We Go: Burlesque to Broadway combines larger than life song and dance performances, with classic burlesque songs audiences love!

  • Big Burlesque Music: Burlesque to Broadway in New York celebrates classic songs such as "Hey Big Spender," Bang Band," "She's a Lady" and many more.  A fantastic orchestra backs up the big bold voices of the 3 dazzling ladies of the show.
  • Dreamy Dancing Divas: The ladies of Burlesque to Broadway are sexy and seductive in their stunning dance numbers. Watch Quinn Lemley and friends as they deliver the goods on stage at this amazing burlesque show!

Inside Knowledge: Quinn Lemley previously performed in The Heat is On, and has a strong fan following.  Many audience members have had their expectations surpassed with her performances in Burlesque to Broadway across the nation!

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Expect to Laugh: The marvelous Burlesque to Broadway show is full of corny jokes and puns, like every great burlesque show should! The vibe of this show is outrageously fun, so don't expect to be bored!
  • Do Get Tickets ASAP: Burlesque to Broadway will be playing live at Gramercy Theatre February 5-8, so get your tickets ASAP before they sell out!
  • Don't Get Lost: Don't be fooled by the name Burlesque to Broadway - this show is not on Broadway in Manhattan's Theater District, though its talent is of Broadway caliber. This burlesque show is playing at Gramercy Theatre off Broadway in New York City. Get directions ahead of time!
  • Don't Regret Missing It: We highly encourage seeing this outrageously entertaining show. Burlesque to Broadway will having you laughing, dancing and singing along from your seat. It will also likely have you giving a standing ovation at the end - you won't want to miss this brilliant burlesque production!


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