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Burlesque to Broadway Millennium Theatre NYC

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Burlesque to Broadway Show Summary

Event Overview: Burlesque to Broadway tour is coming to NYC May 18th and 19th at Millennium Theatre in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. Don't miss this dazzling production starring burlesque beauty Quinn Lemley and her on-stage backup girls Raz and Gracie as they dazzle the audience through their song, dance and seductive demeanor!

What to Expect: Burlesque to Broadway is an action-packed spectacle of song, dance and glamor!

  • Bold Song & Dance: Classic song such as "She's a Lady" and "Hey Big Spender" are just a couple of the outstanding show-stopping performances by the ladies in the Burlesque to Broadway show.
  • Glitz & Glamor: Costumes are doused in glitter, sequins and feathers (as any burlesque costumes should be) and the Burlesque to Broadway setting is an old-fashioned nightclub.
  • A Standing Ovation: The Burlesque to Broadway in New York is bound to be a crowd favorite; it receives a standing ovation at the end of most performances. 

Inside Knowledge: The Burlesque to Broadway Brooklyn is just one stop of many throughout the North American tour. The show will be in Brooklyn for just 2 days, so don't miss it!

Event Hints:

  • Appreciate Femme Fatale: The Burlesque to Broadway leading lady is glamorous, beautiful and qualified, with an outstanding voice, show-stopping dance moves and seductive sex-appeal. She's a true femme fatal star - enjoy her bold presence.
  • Reserve Your Tickets NOW: This Brooklyn burlesque show is part of a very popular nation-wide tour, and is likely to sell out quickly. Book your tickets now to ensure your spot in the crowd.
  • Expect Adult Content: The Burlesque to Broadway show is highly entertaining and enjoyable show with a full orchestra, un-forgettable songs and choreographed dance, but it is a burlesque show, so you may want to leave the little ones at home for this one. 

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Burlesque to Broadway Show

Until May 19


1029 Brighton Beach Ave
Brooklyn, US
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Event Dates

May 18,2012 - May 19,2012

Event Cost

$35 - $75

Don't Miss the Burlesque to Broadway at the Historic Millennium Theatre in Brooklyn!

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Event Quick Facts

  • See the touring Burlesque to Broadway show May 18th and 19th.
  • Burlesque star Quinn Lemley is better than ever in the Burlesque to Broadway show!
  • The Burlesque to Broadway Brooklyn performances are likely to sell out. Get tickets ASAP!



Nearest Transit:
Brighton Beach (B, Q)

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