Chocolate Show NYC

Chocolate Show NYC

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Chocolate Show NYC Summary

Event Overview: The Chocolate Show is an annual convention that is held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea Manhattan. The entire convention is based around everyone's favorite baking ingredient and confectionary - chocolate. The four day event features plenty of chocolate creations, samples, and whacky things that you would never expect chocolate to be used for.

What to Expect: The Chocolate Show is the largest convention dealing in chocolate in the United States. It has earned this reputation through its large number of conferences, workshops, outlandish shows, and of course through its demonstrations and samples.

  • Demonstrations: The NY Chocolate Show is host to a large number of chocolatiers and other name chefs that have experience working with chocolate. The New York Chocolate Show runs numerous demonstrations each day with many of these famous chefs showing off their culinary skills with one of the most popular items for humanity's sweet tooth. 
  • Fashion show: While the fashion show at the New York Chocolate Show costs extra to attend, it's really a sight to behold. Models wallk the runaway in culinary creations rather than in the standard fashion creations.
  • Chocolate: We get it. This is why most people will want to attend this convention. The NY Chocolate Show is the ultimate dream to chocoholics everywhere. From confectionary chocolates to baking and creations with chocolate as the basis for each dish, there are plenty of sweet sensations for convention attendees to try.

Inside Knowledge: 2012 will mark the NY Chocolate Show's 15th anniversary. It has grown into one of the must-see events for anyone in the chocolate or sweets industry, while also being the cant-miss show for chocolate lovers everywhere in the United States.

Event Hints:

  • Don't overdo it: As delicious as this event may sound, you will regret going overboard on the sweets for all four days. Have some self-control when you sample products. When you think of how much less painful your next dentist will be, then you will appreciate it.
  • Bring money if you want in on fashion: If you want to see the fashion show, then you best come with a bank account size that can afford the steep $150 ticket. It's a great show, but just don't expect for admission to be cheap.
  • Bring the kids: While you may think about leaving the kids at home and away from this inpending sugar-rush of a weekend, we recommend that you bring them along anyway. The Chocolate Show also supports them with the kids zone, with special treats and workshops for them to enjoy.

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Chocolate Show NYC

Until Nov 11


Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W 18th St
New York, US
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Event Dates

Nov 09,2012 - Nov 11,2012

Event Cost

$28 - $30

The Chocolate Show NYC is the biggest chocolate convention in the US

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Event Quick Facts

  • Annual multi-day even celebrating all things chocolate
  • Largest Chocolate Show in the United States
  • Events held throughout the convention, including a chocolate fashion show


Nearest Transit:
18th St-7th Ave (1); 14th St-6th Aves (F, V, L, 1, 2, 3); 23rd Street (PATH)

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