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This holiday season in New York City, window shopping comes with a whole new twist. Every year major department stores in New York transform their windows into magical holiday displays with a brand new theme and a whole new look to impress visitors and embrace the holiday tradition. The grand revealing of the displays has already occurred this year and windows are all complete and available for viewing. A round of applause to the big hitters who have once again come up with creative and magical themes!

Lord & Taylor's

The first of New York Cities department stores to unveil their holiday window display this year. This years theme “a Present to New York” features vintage New York City and shoppers, depicting scenes of families, children and gift exchanges, with multiple Santa Clauses.

Macy's Herald Square

Illustrating a tale of a young boys journey through an enchanted forest, Macy's Herald Square brings their window displays to life as they paint this story. Along the boys journey and through the windows you will meet the same characters as he does, and soon you'll be believing in your own magical dreams.


Spending over a year planning this years 32 window displays, Bergdorf's made sure to make the displays enjoyable from up close as well as from father away out of a cab on the street. This years theme “Holidays on Ice” features over 12 different American holidays all incorporating ice. The point was not to be Christmas-y, but different and interesting while still incorporating a holiday element: ice. Holidays depicted include the Forth of July, Valentines, Halloween among many others.


This years theme, “All Wrapped Up In” features beautifully crafted displays of different countries wrapped in a Christmas-y box. The Merry moments from Italy gift box includes the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cathedral of Pisa, Santa and a reindeer in a gondola full of Bloomingdale's bags and gifts. Each window spotlights a different country with respective iconic portrayals of each country.


Debuting their window displays via Instagram this year, Barney’s, “New York Holiday” theme includes a light show, an interactive sleigh that anyone can ride, and many multidimensional elements. Barney's is known for having some of the least Christmas-y displays, and this year is no exception!

Sak's Fifth Avenue

Sak's Fifth Avenue is getting the public involved in the displays by allowing consumers to create their own snowflakes on their mobile device and have it shared on screen in the displays. This year, the department store displays tell a story of the Sak's Yeti, which lives at the top of the building and creates snowflake masterpieces. Sak's also has a window display featuring a White Diamond Cadillac, the limited edition, made exclusively for Sak's Fifth Avenue, with the beautiful car driving out of an ice block.