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Cirque du Soleil Wintuk

Cirque du Soleil Wintuk

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Cirque du Soleil Wintuk Information

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  • Seasonal Off-Broadway Performance Playing from November 2010-January 2011.
  • Cirque du Soleiel Cast of 50 International Acrobatic Actors.
  • All Ages Welcome.

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Show Dates:
November 26, 2010- January 2, 2011

WaMu Theater At Madison Square Garden
4 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, New York 10001
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Family Show

Cirque du Soleil Wintuk

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Take an Adventure to Wintuk Wonderland With the Cirque New York Cast at WaMu Theater Off-Broadway

Located in


Garment District

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Features: Cirque du Soliel Wintuk is a seasonal kid-friendly off-Broadway performance that combines the innocent magic of the holiday season with an adventurous boy's search for snow.  On his journey to an imaginary wonderland called Wintuk, the main character, Jaime meets many imaginative friends along the way, including singing and dancing lamp posts. An incredible international cast of acrobatic actors make this Cirque New York show an outstanding performance.

Why We Go: The Cirque du Soliel group has made an incredible name for itself, with some of the most entertaining and world-renowned performances under its belt. Wintuk New York combines the incredible talent of Cirque New York actors with a charming holiday story the young at heart will enjoy.

  • Acrobatics: The thrilling Cirque du Soliel Wintuk acrobatics combine colorful costumes, creative expressions of winter's characteristics and exciting stunts that will captivate audiences of all ages. 
  • Holiday Cheer: Wintuk NYC is a seasonal show, only playing through the holiday season, so get into the spirit and take an adventure to Wintuk winter wonderland with the cast of Cirque New York.
  • Off-Broadway: Wintuk New York plays at WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden,  making it easy to get to and slightly off  the bustling Broadway strip.  The theater is intimate, allowing guests to feel as if they're part of the show.

Inside Knowledge:  The end of the show features falling snow over the audience, allowing guests to truly enter the world of the Cirque du Soliel Wintuk wonderland.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do check show times: Since Wintuk New York is a seasonal performance, there are many show times within the performance dates. The schedule varies each day, so be sure to plan ahead for the date and time you prefer.
  • Do See a Matinee: For discounted ticket prices, see one of the many matinee performances offered. Use the money you save for a pre-show breakfast, lunch, or post-show dinner and make a day of it.
  • Don't Leave the Kids at Home: Wintuk NYC is a wonderful show for all ages, and especially the young in age and young at heart will enjoy the performance and imaginative storyline.
  • Don't Be Too Serious: Though the Cirque New York cast works hard to deliver outstanding performance, audience members should relax and get into the light-hearted story.  Come into the performance with your imaginations warmed up and enjoy the song, dance and adorable characters.

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