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We aren't all professional photographers, but Citifari invites you on a tour takings pictures of NYC that will quickly convince everyone otherwise in no time. Taking you to the best locations and providing you with tips on how to get the most out of your camera settings, their tours allow you to capture your own picturesque memories while visiting all the best destinations in the Big Apple. Memories that don’t include those three double chins that are actually non-existent...

Citifari teaches you how to take full advantage of all the features your camera has, and you’ll no longer be afraid of using the Manual setting! Learn how to photograph all the most famous buildings in NYC, or capture the tranquility and beauty of nature in Central Park. Need to brush up on the proper techniques of capturing the city after the sun sets? Check out the night tour!

Why Citifari?

Rather than having a tour guide lead you around to the best sites and taking unfocused photos, take full advantage of your camera and take your photography skills to the next level (and beyond) on a tour where you’ll learn all the best techniques to fill your vacation photo album with the best pictures you’ve ever taken. New York City is full of photo-ops, from the famous landmarks to the unique neighborhoods, and these tours not only take you around to see it all, but they help you find all the right angles, settings and techniques to capture photos you’ll cherish forever.

A Tour of the Tours

Photo-enthusiasts dream of tours like this because you can enjoy unforgettable landmarks and take home valuable skills for photography anywhere and anytime. Citifari offers four photo tours focusing on different vantage points around the city that last around 2 ½ hours each. Mix vacation with improving your photography techniques and enjoy “Citifaring” with one of their enthusiastic guides!

New York Landmarks Photo Tour This tour obviously hits all the major must sees in the city including the New Yorker Hotel, the Empire State Building, the New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building and the UN Building. The East Coast sunset is strategically planned to be the last scene at the end of this almost 2 mile tour. People who have taken the tour comment that they captured “wonderful shots of the landmarks which are different from the usual tourist shots you would have taken otherwise.” SoHo Photo Tour Houston Street, the James Hotel and Baltazar restaurant are the stars of this tour along with SOHO’s well known cast iron buildings and its decreasing amount of cobble stone streets. Since the tour begins mid-morning, after capturing a historic side of NYC you still have the rest of the day ahead of you to explore all the modern things to do in the city (and keep using your newly acquired photography skills as you continue to explore!) Central Park Photo Tour Not only will you be snapping photographs of Central Park’s beautiful lakes, bridges and greenery but you’ll go home with beautiful shots of the Manhattan skylines that surround the park as well. This mid-morning tour offers useful lessons in taking exquisite landscapes and water reflection photographs, and along the way you’ll grow accustomed to using your different camera settings to get the very best shots. With so much to take in, it can be overwhelming to photograph all of Central Park, so let Citifari’s knowledgeable tour guides show you the best vantage points to conserve your precious vacation time! New York by Night Photo TourA fan favorite, Citifari’s night tour captures the city that does not sleep, in some of it’s most beautiful moments. Even the ametuer and experienced phtographers have commented on the many new tricks taught during this tour. Your tour guide will explain aperture, speed, ISO and more, as well as photo composition, that can take all of your photos to the next level. The night photo tour stops at the UN headquarters, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center and Radio Center Music Hall. NYC has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife, but this tour sheds a whole new light on the city after dark!

What To Know:

How Long: These tours last around 2.5 hours. Who Can Come: This is a tour for photographers at every level - from the novices to the experts. Have a friend who wants to come along? One non-photographer can accompany you on the tour! Tours are no larger than 10 people, but email them if you’d like to arrange a group tour that can accommodate all your friends. Children are welcomed to come along if you think they’d be as entertained as you will for the duration of the tour, and children as young as 12 have had a fantastic time. What to Bring: Bring your camera and its accessories, but don’t worry too much about any special photo equipment. Your standard zoom lens will do just fine for most of the shots, and a wide angle lens will capture all the rest (but it’s not necessary). It’s also recommended that you bring an extra battery and memory card.

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