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Clinton Castle

Clinton Castle Battery Park NYC

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Clinton Castle Info

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Clinton Castle Quick Facts

  • Clinton Castle New York is located in Battery Park, near the ferry boarding.
  • Clinton Castle NYC has been standing for over 200 years!
  • Clinton Castle has served as an entertainment complex. immigrant station, and is now a national monument.

Battery Park
New York, US

Website: http://www.nps.gov/cacl/index.htm

Phone Number: 212

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Gina Hornung

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Date of stay: 11/11

Cool if You're in the Area

I didn’t seek out Clinton Castle during my trip to NYC, but I did want to see Battery Park, where it’s located, so it ended up being a two-in-one attraction spot.  The castle remains from the war of 1812 when it was build to protect the New York Harbor and what remains is a circular brick and stone wall.  There is a lot of information posted on why and how this barricade was built.

I think history buffs would get a lot more out of this than the average passerby.  While I was there I made an effort to learn a bit about it, but it definitely didn’t catch my attention like other NYC attractions and I wasn’t interested in staying at Clinton Castle more than about 10 minutes.

It was something I stumbled upon, and I would recommend giving it a glance if you’re heading to Battery Park to catch a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, but I personally wouldn’t recommend going out of your way just to see Clinton Castle. 

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Clinton Castle

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Visit Clinton Castle National Monument at Battery Park in New York City and See a Piece of American History Before Your Eyes

Located in


Financial District

This tour is FREE!

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Features: Clinton Castle New York is a national monument which was built during the war of 1812 to defend the New York Harbor.  For over 200 years, this historic building on the harbor has stood tall, transgressing into many things, including a being the first immigration station in America.  Clinton Castle has also functioned as a theater, an event center, an aquarium and now a national monument. 

Why We Go:  Clinton Castle New York is free to visit and welcomes all ages, all year long!

  • Hands on History: Clinton Castle NYC is a standing piece of American history. Bring the kids along for a history lesson they can see and touch.  Plaques are placed all around the castle explaining why it was built, how it was built, and how it has been effected since it was built in 1811.
  • Events: Throughout the years many events and beer gardens have taken place in and around Clinton Castle New York.  If you're seeking a spot to enjoy the NY Harbor while hosting an event, you may consider inquiring with National Park Services to host at Clinton Castle NYC!
  • Statue of Liberty: Battery Park, where Clinton Castle NYC stands, is also the boarding location for NY Harbor ferry rides to and from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Before or after a NY Harbor tour, take your own walking tour of Clinton Castle!

Inside Knowledge: When the Federal government took over immigration regulations and opened Ellis Island, Clinton Castle Garden was transformed from America's first immigration processing station into the incredibly popular New York City Aquarium, which at the time in 1896 - its first of many transformations. 

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Read: Clinton Castle National Monument is full of information - literally.  The walls are covered in explanations of the history of this national monument in NYC, so take a stroll through and take advantage of the history lesson before your eyes! Everyday is a great day to learn. 
  • Do Visit Ellis Island: Whether you visit Clinton Castle New York before or after, we recommend visiting Ellis Island in the same day. The ferry to Ellis Island departs from Battery Park, so it's extraordinarily convenient to see these two sights in one day, and they're historically related.  Learn all about Clinton Castle, America's first immigration station, and Ellis Island, the second one!
  • Don't Skip Statue of Liberty: As well as Ellis Island, tours of the Statue of Liberty leave from Battery Park. Hop on the ferry and see several sights in one day, while visiting Clinton Castle New York. 
  • Don't Miss the Music: Besides just history facts and a national monument, Clinton Castle NYC is also host to Music at Castle Clinton, an annual concert series in New York City.  Events like these are a great way to explore the monument without making an entire day dedicated to history - unless you want to!