CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival

CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival NYC

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CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival Summary

Event Overview: For true music lovers, few music festivals in New York match the passion and variety of the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival. The CMJ Festival is an annual collection of well over 1,000 artists playing venues big and small around NYC, making it a great way for music enthusiasts to get a first look at some of the most exciting new acts from all over the world.

What to Expect: Tons of music, most of which you've probably never heard of. NYC is still the mecca of Indie-Rock, and the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival is a showcase for all the newest sounds taking over this ever-expanding genre.

  • Passionate Crowds: Considering the steep ticket prices for all-access passes to the CMJ Marathon, this NYC music festival attracts only the most die-hard music fans from around the country.
  • Bands Everywhere: Don't be surprised if you recognize the band you just saw at the CMJ Festival hanging out on the street that same night. For five days every October, Brooklyn is even more overrun with bands than usual, and the result is party atmosphere throughout NYC.
  • High-Profile Surprises: While the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival is mostly a showcase for up-and-coming bands, this annual music festival has attracted high-profile musicians in the past. Kanye West dropped in on the 2010 CMJ Music Festival, and past acts have included Morrissey, Phoenix and the Dirty Projectors.  

Inside Knowledge: The 5-day CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival demands planning and research, because on any given night there could be well over 50-100 shows taking place at once. Take some time before heading out researching bands online, that way you know which bands to catch - and which ones to avoid - at the CMJ Marathon.

Event Hints:

  • Get Your Money's Worth: At over $300/ticket for All Access Passes at the CMJ Festival, you'll want to see as much music as you can to make sure you get your money's worth. Plus, you might catch a band or two that breaks big in the coming year at the CMJ Festival NYC.
  • Expect Band Tardiness: If you've ever been to a concert at a small venue, than you know that the band rarely takes the stage on time. Don't expect punctuality at the CMJ New York Music Festival, but do expect a great time with even better music.

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CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival

Until Oct 19

General Location


Event Dates

Oct 15,2013 - Oct 19,2013

Event Cost

$150 - $495

Annual 5-Day Indie-Rock Festival in New York City.

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Event Quick Facts

  • The CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival began in 1980, and is put on annually by the College Music Journal.
  • CMJ New York attracts more than a 1,000 artists from around the world every year.
  • The CMJ Music Marathon has featured up-and-coming headlining in the acts in the past, such as U2, Nirvana, Kanye West and others.
  • Find this years artists and lineup here!



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