New York Aquarium - The Only Aquarium in NYC

Located on Surf Avenue & West 8th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11224.

Reservations (718) 265-3457
(Call from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

General Information (718) 265-FISH
Education Programs (718) 265-3448

Additional Information

Volunteer/Internship Information:
(718) 265-3450

Come see what undersea treasures await you at the New York Aquarium! As the only Aquarium in New York City and featuring over 8,000 animals you're sure to get sucked in by the tentacles of the octopus or by the jellies in our Alien Stingers exhibit. You also can enjoy the benefits of superb viewing and the knowledge of our wildlife experts. Our goal is to not only educate the public on the delicate nature of our ocean friends but also to protect the sensitivity of the wildlife that occupies the vast oceans. We believe in equipping you with the fantastic knowledge that will enable you to understand the unique habitats that each animal needs to survive in a fun and inventive way.

Not just the only aquarium in New York, but the New York Aquarium is also the oldest aquarium in the United States. The New York Aquarium first opened it's doors in 1896 and has remained the longest continually operating aquarium. So come explore our 14 acres of wildlife and discover some interesting creatures that occupy our oceans all in one great place, New York City.

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