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Coney Island Museum

Coney Island Museum NYC

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Coney Island Museum Information

Coney Island Museum Info

Ticket Info:
99 cents

Weekends 12pm-5pm

When to Go:
Spring and summer

Age Restriction:
Ages 18 +

Important Information

  • Open from Easter until late September.

Coney Island Museum Quick Facts

  • Small but friendly museum with Coney Island history and memorabilia.
  • Only 99 cents admission.
  • Coney Island historians host lectures during the summer.

1208 Surf Ave
Brooklyn, US

Website: http://www.coneyisland.com/museum.shtml

Phone Number: 718.372.5159

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Coney Island Museum

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Coney Island Museum contains plenty of history and memorabilia

Located in


Prices Starting at
$0.99 for adults & $0.99 for children

NYCTourist Travel Info

Features: Museum of Coney Island History is a small not-for-profit museum and information center located in Coney Island New York. The museum contains classic memorabilia from old Coney Island, and is also a place to get information on the neighborhood and its history. Museum Coney Island NYC is open all year on weekends, and provides current Coney Island information for visitors and locals new to the area.

Why We Go: Museum of Coney Island History features some classic Coney Island memorabilia and is a cheap, fast, and fun change from the crowded Coney Island area during summer months.

  • General Info: Coney Island History Museum offers general information on the area to tourists who are new to this historic New York neighborhood. From old amusement parks to what is around the neighborhood, you can learn about where to go when you visit the Coney Island History Museum.
  • Historians: Coney Island historians host lectures during the summer months at the Museum Coney Island NYC. These historians will talk about the history of the neighborhood as well as answer questions you may have about the history of Coney Island.
  • Events: The people behind the Museum Coney Island NYC also run numerous events in or around the Coney Island History Museum. This includes the Mermaid Parade summer film festivals such as the Sci-Fi Summer Saturdays in 2010.

Inside Knowledge: Coney Island USA, which began in 1980, is the non-profit corporation that runs the Museum of Coney Island History and looks to preserve the history of Coney Island through an expansive line-up of summer events.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Come During the Summer: There is plenty to see and do in Coney Island during the summer. Make sure to drop in to the Museum of Coney Island History as well to get a grasp on what is in the area while enjoying some Coney Island memorabilia.
  • Do Come for the Mermaid Parade: The Mermaid Parade is an amusing dedication to the Mardi Gras that was held in Coney Island during the first half of the 20th century. It has been running since 1983 and is a popular tradition in Brooklyn.
  • Don't Come on Weekdays: The Museum of Coney Island History is only open on weekends, so make sure you are not planning a visit during the weekday if you wanted to check the museum out.
  • Don't Stay Long: While Coney Island USA is responsible for many fun events during the summer, their actual museum is fairly small and can be viewed within a few minutes of walking around. Don't plan for the trip to the Museum of Coney Island History to be a day-long event. Instead, come in for a few minutes and then enjoy everything else the neighborhood has to offer.