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Summer is the perfect time to try out all of the best craft beers in New York City. After a long, hot day of touring and exploring, why not sit down with a cold one and a few friends? Sure, it would be nice to sit down with that delicious Budweiser we all know and love, but we can do that and get those anywhere, so live a little and check out some of the best craft beer bars in New York City.

You can buy your Buds at the gas station after you leave the bar and call it a night if you're really longing for that little taste of home. We know, it's hard to try so many new things on vacation, and occasionally you might even feel like you're cheating on your best Bud with all these delicious craft beers. But sometimes it's okay to be a little naughty on vacation and enjoy the taste of a real beer. That's what all those seductive ladies say too, isn't it? 

The Pony Bar has a great selection of craft beers for really great prices, plus they're open until 4am! There's one on the Upper East Side and one in Hell's Kitchen, so even if it takes getting on your own pony to get there, get there. You won't be sorry.

Blind Tiger Ale House in West Village has a huge selection of great beer on tap and everyone working there is more than happy to help you select the right one! When you've tried a few too many, or you just want a new sensation in your mouth, take a bite out of one of their delicious grilled cheeses. Every Wednesday they have a beer and cheese night, with a selection of different cheeses every week from Murray's. And the cheese, it's free. They have tons of events going on all the time but it's fun even when there isn't one going on. Plus, who can not love a bar that loves Christmas in July?! We can definitely get on board with this place, and we do every chance we get! 

Rattle N Hum sounds like something kinky, and we'd be willing to rattle and hum for a few beers here any day, depending on what that actually does entail of course. We have our standards, which quickly go to the way side when the opportunity for a brew or two comes up in this NYC craft beer bar. They have a happy hour daily until 6pm, live music on Saturdays and a "Kick the Keg $5 Special" on Sundays. The tap list is always changing so there's always a reason to come back for something new! Or more of the same things we know and love. Nothing wrong with that either of course!

Barcade has craft beer and video games. Do we dare introduce our boyfriends to this place? We'd feel guilty not doing so. But maybe that's just because we like it here too! Vintage video games provide endless entertainment for all, but passing the time going through the rotating drafts doesn't make for a dull night either. What else are we going to be doing in trendy Williamsburg other than rehashing our childhood past times, which we can now do while boozing it up? Brooklyn would expect nothing less!

The Stag's Head over in Midtown East, hosts awesome events. Their most recent event was Cirque de Stag's Head with Coney Island Lagers and Clown Shoes Brewing. You had us at free beer and mini corn dogs, but Danny the Human Blockhead also be attended. Whatever that is... If you didn't t make it to that event, there will be others, and until then, join them for a beer at their great happy hour, every day from open until 7pm. This place prides themselves on their all-American craft beers, and who can blame them? America is the greatest country ever after all, right?

Spuyten Duyvil. Okay, don't be intimidated by the name, it sounds like a drunken slur every time we say it too. Luckily when you really are drunk you can pretty much nail that name without even meaning to. Great beer, great wine, great cider and tons of aged meats and cheeses. While we try to avoid most aged meats, these meats and cheeses are worth every savory moment. While the decor inside is nice, the garden out back is even better for kicking back and enjoying the day as an NYC Tourist!

Of course there are a million craft beer bars in New York City. The list does not stop here, but you should! As in you should stop in at least one of these places, but nobody would blame you for wanting to try them all. Follow us on Google+,  Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know on upcoming events happening at all these bars and more so that you don't miss a thing in between sips of great beer, and because we're being trendy and New Yorkish, probably bites of good cheese as well.