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Dame Edna Broadway

Dame Edna Broadway NYC

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  • Dame Edna Broadway was performed at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, formerly known as Henry Miller's Theatre.
  • The Dame Edna Show appeared on Broadway in 2000, 2004, and again in 2010.
  • Dame Edna on Broadway is currently closed.

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Show Dates:
March 18, 2010 - April 4, 2010

Stephen Sondheim Theatre
124 West 43rd Street
New York, New York 10036
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Dame Edna Broadway

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Wickedly Funny Satire in Dame Edna Broadway

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Features: Dame Edna Broadway is a two-man show featuring the eponymous fictional character created and played by Australian comedian Barry Humphries. In his performances - what Dame Edna calls "appearances" - Humphries satirizes class snobbery, prudishness, racism, and the cult of celebrity. In 2000, 2004, and 2010, Dame Edna NYC appeared on Broadway to strong reviews, garnering Humphries a special Tony Award for a live theatrical event. This show is now closed.

Why We Go: That Dame Edna NYC has appeared on Broadway three times in the last ten years is a testament to her enduring charm (if it can be called that). Barry Humphries's social commentary remains spot-on and side-splittingly funny.

  • Audience Interaction: Dame Edna of Dame Edna Broadway has the peculiar habit of treating celebrities like everyday people and everyday people like celebrities. In her performances, she often interacted with audience members, sometimes flattering them, sometimes insulting them, sometimes doing a little of both.
  • Michael Feinstein: While Dame Edna surely commanded most of the attention on the stage, Michael Feinstein, a talented performer in his own right, acted as a terrific foil. His boyish, unaffected devotion to music contrasted sharply (and often humorously) with Dame Edna's signature squawk and acerbic wit.
  • Costumes: Seeing, as they say, is believing, and Dame Edna NYC must be seen to be believed. In Dame Edna Broadway, the amusingly self-absorbed titular star sported her trademark mauve hair and cat eye glasses in addition to an over-the-top purple cocktail dress. As ever, she was both comical and absurd.

Inside Knowledge: In 2003, Dame Edna caused no small amount of controversy when she made a racist remark in an article for Vanity Fair. Apparently not realizing that the article was a satire, actress Salma Hayek wrote a letter of complaint to Vanity Fair, and the magazine later issued a full-page apology.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Look for Dame Edna on Tour: While Dame Edna Broadway is now closed, you can still catch the lilac-haired diva on her international tour and on the numerous late-night talk shows that she frequents.
  • Do Read the Autobiography: Curious to know more about Dame Edna NYC? Pick up a copy of Dame Edna's autobiography, My Gorgeous Life. Note that Macmillan publishes the book as non-fiction.
  • Don't Mistake Illusion for Reality: While Dame Edna herself insists that she is a real person, you must not believe her: she is, in fact, the fictional (though extremely convincing) creation of comedian Barry Humphries.
  • Don't Bring the Kids: Dame Edna NYC is a show best enjoyed by adults, as comedian Barry Humphries's humor often draws from complex social issues, and children will not always perceive the irony.

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