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I definitely WOULD NOT recommend to anyone on a time schedule.  We were supposed to be AT the airport for 1pm, for a 3:00 flight.  We were scheduled and CONFIRMED for 11am pickup at the first location, by 11:15, they weren't there and called only to hear that they "thought" that we were supposed to be picked up at 1!!  That was the time we said to be AT the airport.  Then they said they would hurry and be there no later than 12!  The van didn't get to the first location until 12:25!  THEN we hit traffic, didn't get to the airport until LITERALLY 2:45!  14 of us, 7 adults, 7 children had to RUN like lunatics to the gate, through security, beg to cut the line, my mother who spent $30,000 to take us all to Disney was crying.  ALL flights were now booked, couldn't even get us out until "maybe" Sunday (3 days later).  Thankfully, because I begged, cried, and argued at the gate, we managed to hold the flight 5 minutes and all got on.  NEVER NEVER NEVER use this company!  SO unreliable!! They never even offered a discount either, needless to say, there was no tip.  I truly would give them NO STARS however, to submit I had to give 1.