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Democracy on Broadway

Democracy on Broadway

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  • Based on true events from West Germany
  • Based on Willy Brandt's life and scandal regarding spy Gunter Guillaume
  • Won the Critic's Circle award for Best Play

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Show Dates:
Nov. 2004 - April 2005

Brooks Atkinson Theatre
256 West 47th Street
New York, New York 10036
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Democracy on Broadway

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Democracy on Broadway is a gripping drama based on Willy Brandt

Located in


Times Square

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Features: Democracy the Broadway Show ran from November of 2004 until April of 2005. This historical dramatic Broadway production was based on West Germany Chancellor Willy Brandt and the choice he had to make of exposing Gunter Guillaume as a spy from the East Germany government.

Why We Go: Democracy the Broadway Show draws from historical fact involving Willy Brandt and one of his most controversial and pivotal moments in office during the 1970s. While it was not the winner of any Tonys, it gained recognition from critics for its strong production.

  • Historical Basis: Willy Brandt achieved fame for his attempts to make peace between East and West Germany, but a few moments in his life are shrouded in controversy. Democracy New York deals with one of these incidents, where Willy Brandt's secretary Gunter Guillaume was confirmed to be a spy for the East German government.
  • Heartfelt Drama: Democracy New York centered on the drama surrounding the discovery from Willy Brandt that his secretary was a spy. The story dealt with one of Brandt's most pivotal moments in his political career, where the Gunter Guillaume incident ultimately led to his resignation as chancellor.
  • Michael Frayn: The writer for this biographical broadway masterpiece, Michael Frayn, who established himself as a great writer with his work on the book for Copenhagen. His mastery of working with real life historical moments continued through the production of Democracy the Broadway Show.

Inside Knowledge: Democracy the Broadway Show originally made its debut in London one year prior to its opening on Broadway at the National Theater of Great Britain.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Be Entertained: Don't get too caught up in this being based on factual events around a controversial political situation in Germany. Instead, just enjoy the fantastic writing and story presented.
  • Do Follow Michael Frayn's Work: Democracy the Broadway Show isn't the only great work written by Michael Frayn. Be sure to check out other productions he is involved in if they are playing during your stay in Manhattan.
  • Don't Miss It If It Gets Revived: The Willy Brandt story for this Broadway drama was incredible. If it returns to theatres in the area, we suggest that you see it.
  • Don't Commit Treason: If there's anything you should be learning from Democracy NYC and the Cold War in general, it should be the follies of turning against your country. Don't do it.

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