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Deninos Pizzeria Tavern

Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC

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  • Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC has been around since 1937.
  • The pizzas at Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC are known throughout the city. 
  • Deninos Pizzeria Tavern in NYC is crowded on the weekend, but can usually accept walk-ins on weekdays.

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Staten Island

524 Port Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY 10302
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Hours of Operation:
Sun.-Thu. 12pm-11pm; Sat.-Sun. 11:30am-12am

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italian Cuisine

Deninos Pizzeria Tavern

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Enjoy a Great New York Slice at Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC

Located in

Staten Island

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Features: Beloved by nearly all Staten Island natives, Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC is famous for their signatures pies, amazing appetizers and friendly service. The signature thin crust is unique and the sauce is perfect, so make plans as soon as you can to visit Deninos Pizzeria Tavern in NYC.

Why We Dine: The fantastic menu at Deninos Pizza Tavern in NYC is enough to make you crave Deninos Staten Island Pizza, but you'll come back again and again for the atmosphere and hospitality.

  • Amazing Menu: The entire menu at Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC is famous. From any of the amazing thin-crust pizzas, to the hearty mozzarella sticks and the fried calamari, any foodie in New York knows that Deninos Pizzeria Tavern in NYC is that place to go for amazing Italian cuisine.
  • Friendly Staff: Anyone would head to Deninos Pizzeria Tavern in NYC just for the amazing food, but the friendly staff makes the experience that much better. The attentive waitstaff is happy to take your order or bring you another delicious helping of cheesy garlic bread. 
  • Full Bar: On of the few New York City pizza parlors with a full bar, there's something for everyone at Deninos Pizzeria Tavern in NYC, making it a great spot for romantic dinners as well.

Inside Knowledge: Deninos Pizzeria Tavern in NYC delivers, so even if you can't leave the house or are staying at a hotel, you can enjoy all of the Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC glory.

We Recommend:

  • The Garbage Pie: Don't be fooled by the name. The Garbage Pie at Deninos NY Pizza and Tavern is excellent. With sausage, pepperoni, mushroom and delectable grilled onions, the Garbage Pie at Deninos Pizzeria Tavern in NYC is a fan favorite that will be a family favorite.
  • The M.O.R. Pizza: If you're looking for a unique yet still Italian pizza, order the M.O.R. at Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC. The acronym stands for Meatballs, Onions and Ricotta, which make for a delicious combination, skillfully balanced by the pizza perfectionists at Deninos Pizzeria Tavern NYC.

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