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New York City is rich with history and home to many famous historical landmarks. When visiting the Big Apple, recommends participating in a historical tour as a great way to get in touch with American history while also seeing the city. There is so much New York City history that is important to the foundation of America and our freedom, and Patriot Tours.

Patriot Tours has put together some of the most in depth, interesting and entertaining historical tours of New York City out there, and is the only walking tour focusing on lower Manhattan. Patriot tours began in 2004 after founder Karen Q realized that year after year people were passing through New York and not even realizing that they were passing through the home to some of the most influential founders of America and our freedom which we still cherish today. She spent a year collecting information and creating an interesting and entertaining historical tour with stories from some of the most outspoken and radical people of that time. Join her as she guides you through the city on either her Revolutionary Era or Civil War tour, or hey, why not do both Patriot tours?

The Revolutionary Era tour: Taking participants through New York City, bringing you back to the 1770's where you will hear about the rebellion against the British Empire. This politically incorrect tour will give you the real insight on what it was like in New York City during these historic times. Relish the history as you see many landmarks including, the Liberty Pole on the Commons, Saint Paul’s Chapel, Brooklyn Heights, Federal Hall National Memorial, Trinity Church Graveyard, and Frances Tavern.

The Civil War Era Tour: Taking participants back to the 1860's along with tales from times before, this tour will guide you through the Civil War, and the joining of the union by New York state. On this tour you will be taken to the sites of Delmonico's Restaurant, Stone Street Historic District, Wall Street, Trinity Church, Tammany Hall, City Hall, and Tweed Courthouse.

Wondering what all these places are and what they mean to American history? You'll have to take the patriot tour to find out! This is no partisan favoring tour, you will be provided with publications of newspapers, broadsides, pamphlets and etchings that will show you both sides of the issues, leaving you to decide what you think really happened. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can and soak in the knowledge that guide, Karen, has to offer. Karen does an outstanding job, making the tour interesting and full of stories with humor and debate.

Take advantage of the different kinds of tours offered. There are group tours, private tours, and student tours. If you elect to take a private tour, you will be able to tailor the tour to your own likings, and Karen will customize it just for you. Private tours are available for both the Revolutionary Era or Civil War Era tour. The student tour is a fantastic way to get the kids out of the classroom and get them involved and interested, it is available for the Revolutionary Era tour, and is designed for grades 4-8 to complement classroom studies. These tours are all flexible and can be tailored to include specific sites and events of your liking.

Patriot Tours are truly a historical New York City tour that all can enjoy. Be sure to book ahead with and reserve your spot. Walk around the streets of New York City and see them transform into the hidden historical places that they once were. is one of NYC's busiest and oldest travel & tourism sites for everything New York City. The author of this article, Erica James loves all things NYC and especially the nightlife!