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It's April now, and Easter is fast approaching.  If you happen to be in New York City for this colorful holiday, be sure to make your way to Fifth Avenue, where you'll find the historic Easter Day Parade. Originally a purely religious event, the New York City Easter Parade now draws people of all beliefs, most of whom attend the parade to see and be seen in the latest fashions. While many people continue to march in observance of the religious holiday, others enjoy satirizing the extravagant outfits of times past by dressing in gaudy costumes. With participants light-heartedly trying to outdo each other's costumes, the Easter Day Parade is something like a spring version of Halloween. One reveler in last year's parade went so far as to don a mesh hat filled with live birds!

Unlike the massive St. Patrick's Day Parade, which by its nature encourages heavy drinking, the Easter Day Parade is a relatively low-key, family-friendly event that typically draws around 30,000 people. The parade, which begins at 10am and ends at 4pm, will be held on Fifth Avenue between 47th and 57th Streets. While most stores, especially those that cater to tourists, remain open on Easter, many will have reduced hours. Note that parking is extremely limited and portable restrooms are not available.