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Alright NYC Tourists. We know you like to party, and we can help you find some of the best nightlife in NYC, but we know someone who can take it one step further!

Have you ever wanted to know what a bar or restaurant looked like before you went? For New Yorkers, that fantasy is actually about to become a reality in the form of a brand new website that is set to launch on Super Bowl Weekend: SeeTheScene.TV.

See The Scene TV recently finished development of a brand new website and technology platform specifically designed for New York City’s nightlife industry (bars, clubs, restaurants, lounges, etc.) By providing high definition web cameras to assortment of venues throughout Manhattan, See The Scene TV streams real video footage to its website and mobile application. This technology platform, available to the local public, ultimately provides it’s users with the unique ability to see candid and objective teaser clips from it’s participating venues in real-time.

See The Scene TV was conceived and designed to address a specific need: to alleviate the inherently chaotic nature of the Manhattan nightlife experience. In a city where every dime and every second counts, New Yorkers find themselves squandering time and money navigating the city only to be left disappointed when greeted with a long line at a club or a hopelessly empty pub. With over 40 venues on board, this new website can help you find your scene any night of the week.

What are you waiting for? Go to SeeTheScene.TV, log in through Facebook, and experience NYC’s nightlife in HD!