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First Date the Musical

First Date the Musical First Date on Broadway Broadway Musical First Date

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Show Quick Facts

  • First Date previewed in Seattle, at the ACT Theatre from March 10 through May 20, 2012.
  • Music and Lyrics by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, with book by Austin Winsberg.
  • Zachary Levi originally starred in the hit show 'Chuck,' and Krysta Rodriguez starred in the musical Smash.

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Show Dates:
August 2013 - Ongoing.

Longacre Theatre
220 W 48th St
New York, New York 10036
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First Date the Musical

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Features: First Date on Broadway is a musical comedy which follows blind date newbie Aaron and serial dater Casey, and explores the chances we all take to find love. In First Date, Casey and Aaron's inner critics take on a life of their own while other restaurant patrons transform into supportive friends, manipulative exes and protective parents, all of whom sing and dance them through ice breakers, appetizers and potential conversational land mines.

Why We Go: This well lauded, hysterical and hopeful new musical brings to the stage something everyone can relate to: those tenderly awkward beginnings when we're just learning about a new person, and are wondering if this person is someone we'll be compatible with. By the end of the Broadway Musical First Date you'll feel like main characters Aaron and Casey are people you actually know.

  • Relateable: First Date totally nails the fears, anxieties and other emotions that go along with dating - especially the feelings that creep up on the very first date.
  • Hilarious: From the Google background checks to the fake emergency phones calls, First Date has the audience rolling in the aisles right from the opening number, "First Impressions."
  • Totally Original: First Date the Musical is arefreshing change of pace from the revivals and movie based shows that have dominated Broadway as of late. Fall in love with a brand new story when you see First Date on Broadway!

Inside Knowledge: First Date the Musical is not an overly long show, clocking in at 90 minutes. However, the shorter time means there's no intermission so make sure you get your snacks and make your bathroom stops before the First Date curtain rises!

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Use the Restroom Before the Show: There is no intermission during First Date the Musical so if you have to go, go before the show.
  • Do Bring a Date: Maybe not a FIRST date, mind you, but you and your loved one will get a kick out of reliving the early days of your relationship with First Date the Musical.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Laugh: Broadway musicals might make for a classy night out, but First Date wants to make you laugh - so don't worry about making a ruckus and don't hold back those guffaws!
  • Don't Forget the SoundTrack: The original cast recording for First Date is now available, you can replay your favorite songs and sing along at home.

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