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Fuerza Bruta

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  • Fuerza Bruta isn't your typical night out Off-Broadway! Get ready for a powerful play with no words, and no seats!
  • The entire show takes place above the standing crowd, who are free to mingle with the rest of the audience as they watch the story play out.
  • Stay afterwards to meet the cast, and for the techno dance party at the end! Watch out though, things can get wet if you're front and center.

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Daryl Roth Theater
101 E 15th Street
New York, New York 10003
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Fuerza Bruta

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A show like no other! Get ready for a sensory overload!

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Gramercy Park

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Features: Find a babysitter and head out with the grownups tonight to see Fuerza Bruta at the Daryl Roth Theater. Get your Fuerza Bruta tickets today to see one of the most exciting and invigorating Off-Broadway shows in New York City!

Why We Go: Fuerza Bruta is an engaging, 360 degree experience, no stage necessary! This show is quickly becoming one of the best things to do in New York City, as it's not just a play, and not really a club, but a little of both.

  • Up in the Air: Look up! Fuerza Bruta takes place entirely in the air around and above the crowd as the guests watch from below. You'll be standing the entire time, free to mingle among the crowd, but the show will still keep you fully engaged with loud noises, special effects and darkness off and on.
  • No Words Necessary: Nobody in this show says a word from beginning to end. The atmosphere in this theatre is more like a nightclub than a night at the theatre, as the performers use music, dance, acrobatics and aerial imagery to set the stage and tell the story. Despite the lack of lines though, the show evokes a wide range of emotions including desperation, triumph and joy.
  • Running Plot: Even though there's no script, there's still a story to be told, which includes a guy in a suit facing all these obstacles that are being thrown at him, quite literally. Watch him conquer harsh wind, flying objects and gunfire, as he is either chasing something or being chased. The theme is quite open to interpretation.

Inside Knowledge: While there is no nudity in Fuerza Bruta, this is not one of the best Off-Broadway shows in NYC for kids. There are loud noises, gun shots and plenty of fake blood, dark spells and even fog in the theatre. The show is recommended for kids in their teens or older, but there is no set age limit.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Get Your Tickets Online: Fuerza Bruta tickets are in high demand many nights of the week, as this is quickly becoming one of the most popular Off-Broadway shows. Get your tickets ahead of time, because you're definitely going to want to be here.
  • Do Meet the Cast: After the show, the cast comes out to mingle with the audience. Many of them are dripping wet after the performance, and don't mind hugging, dancing or shouting with anyone who will partake.
  • Don't Expect a Dull Night: This is one of the most powerful Off-Broadway shows playing in New York right now. This is no ordinary night at the theatre, so expect a sensory overload - sight, sound and motion!
  • Don't Take a Seat: The crowd stands for the entire performance as the show takes place above and around you. Come prepared to stand for an hour.

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