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Good Vibrations Broadway

Good Vibrations Broadway NYC

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Good Vibrations Broadway Information

Show Quick Facts

  • A jukebox musical based on the Beach Boys soundtrack.
  • Ran from early 2005 to mid 2005.
  • Based on a road trip of New England boys and a girl going to California.

Show Info

Show Dates:
Feb. 2005 - Aug. 2005

Eugene O'Neill Theater
230 W 49th St
New York, New York 10019
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Musical Show

Good Vibrations Broadway

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Good Vibrations Broadway is a musical showcase of the Beach Boys

Located in


Midtown West

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Features: Good Vibrations the Musical was a jukebox musical from 2005 that featured a blend of comedy, classic songs, drama, and romance. Good Vibrations New York based its musical score off of the Beach Boys soundtrack, and includes many of their hit songs throughout the play.

Why We Go: Good Vibrations the Musical is a simple but eventually heartwarming play about youth that is captured well by the fun-loving songs of the Beach Boys.

  • Classic Songs: From "California Girls" to the namesake "Good Vibrations," Good Vibrations New York featured plenty of the classic songs from the Beach Boys.
  • Light-Hearted: While many Broadway musicals typically have some serious drama, the conflicts and issues in Good Vibrations NYC were far more light-hearted in execution than most other New York plays. It was a refreshing change.
  • Clean: What you may be afraid of seeing in a Broadway musical that may deter you from bringing children is not anywhere near Good Vibrations NYC.

Inside Knowledge: Good Vibrations the Musical features a musical lineup that consists completely of songs from Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Check Out the Music: The songs for Good Vibrations the Musical are, as the Beach Boys would put it, "Fun Fun Fun." While the play may no longer be in the Eugene O'Neill Theater, you can still hear these great classics by buying the songs.
  • Do Reflect Back: Should Good Vibrations the Musical ever return to the Broadway stage, feel free to reflect back to those older high school days. This play may remind you of those simpler times.
  • Don't Manipulate: We encourage you not to follow the young boy's examples in this play. Don't manipulate someone because you need their help or something they own.
  • Don't Miss It Again: If Good Vibrations the Musical makes its way on stage again, don't miss it. You probably won't have another chance to see it.

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