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Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Greenwich Village comedy club

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Greenwich Village Comedy Club Info

Greenwich Village


99 Macdougal Street
New York, NY 10014
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Greenwich Village Comedy Club Quick Facts

  • Admission from $15 to $20
  • Open weekdays and weeknights
  • Weekly open mic nights

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Greenwich Village Comedy Club

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It’s hard to beat the entertainment and comedy value that you’ll get from the Greenwich Comedy Club

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Features: One of the first things that you notice when you walk into the Greenwich Comedy Club is the overall atmosphere. The size isn’t overwhelming, as it fits upwards of about 40 to 50 people. It’s in a basement, so it has that smaller feel to it. However, the size isn’t something that is a detriment. Instead, it makes it feel more cozy and intimate, which allows for you to really get closer with the comedian that is on stage. The jokes seem to be funnier and they are able to direct more attention to each person, knowing that it’s a smaller venue. Another main feature of the Greenwich Comedy Club is that they bring in quite a few acts each night. This allows for you to get a variety of different aspects on comedy, all in one evening. Unlike with other comedy clubs that will only have a few openers for a headlining act, you can expect to get much more comedy and general laughs during a night at the Greenwich Comedy Club.

Why We Go: Aside from the comedy, another reason to visit the Greenwich Comedy Club is because of the amazing menu that they offer. They have a $15 drink minimum for each person, but that’s actually quite reasonable considering that’ll only be about two drinks. Most everything on the menu is fairly priced, and you can expect to get a good meal and a few drinks for under $50. Add in the fact that the entertainment is directly in front of you and you surely will have an entire night that is full of laughs and good times.

Inside Knowledge: If you want to have the best experience possible at the Greenwich Comedy Club, then it only makes sense that you’d want to learn from what others already can tell you about this place. One insider tip for you is to make sure that you go early enough to get your tickets. As mentioned, this venue is a bit smaller than most, so you’ll want to ensure that you get their early enough to get your ticket and also to get a good seat. You’d hate to miss out on one of the great acts, simply because you didn’t show up on time.

  • Do come ready to laugh and have a great time: This venue is fantastic and you are truly going to enjoy the laughs that you get out of here.
  • Don’t get oversensitive: about the comedians on stage if they call you out in the audience. It’s all part of the gig and nobody is going to really make you feel isolated amongst the crowd.
  • Do come ready to enjoy a few drinks: With a $15 drink minimum, you’ll at least need to get a few drinks from the menu. Therefore, instead of drinking too much beforehand, make sure that you come with the awareness and ability to down a few more once you are in the audience.
  • Don’t feel alarmed: if you are approached by someone on the street who asks you to buy tickets. There are other comedy clubs in the area that put more into marketing, but the Greenwich Comedy Club in NYC does it the old bootstrap way; they get out on the streets and talk to their customers one-on-one.

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