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HA! Comedy Club NYC Summary

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HA! Comedy Club NYC Info

Times Square


163 W 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
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Hours of Operation:
Mon.-Thurs. 11am-2am, Fri. 11am-3am, Sat. 12pm-3am, Sun. 12pm-2am


Mixed/ Mature

Noise Level:

Cover Charge:
$20 Tickets

Live Comedy

Frozen Beverages

HA! Comedy Club NYC Quick Facts

  • Ha! Comedy Club NYC accepts reservations for parties of 10+.
  • Vendors selling Ha! New York Comedy Club tickets can be found throughout the streets of Times Square.
  • Ha! NY Comedy Club ticket prices don't include the 2 drink minimum per person

Nearest Transit:
49 St (N, Q, R) Times Sq - 42 St (S); 47 - 50 Sts - Rockefeller Ctr (B, D, F, M)

Dress Code:

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HA! Comedy Club NYC Reviews

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Gina Hornung

Joined: November 2010



Would not recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 11/11

Worst Comedy Club in NYC

Walking down the street in Times Square, while bar hopping with my Dad and sister, we were approached by a guy selling tickets for comedy shows – it’s not uncommon to be approached by these guys, and we have gained great experiences from buying tickets this way, in the past.

We were more interested in exploring the bar scene, but Mike, a fantastic salesman for HA! Comedy Club was out-going, friendly, and honestly followed us around Times Square until we decided to finally purchase the tickets. He talked his own price down so much that it only cost us $10 for 3 tickets, which sounds like a steal, but in the end, was the worst $10 ever spent.

Nothing against Mike, he was great at his job, but everything else from the venue, to the comics, management and employees at the club were awful.  The deal was, we’d see 5 comics and would be required to by 2 menu items each during the show-  including $8 chips and salsa, $6 fries, $9 beers, and other over-priced options.  We only saw 3 comedians, and the show was less impressive than free comedy shows at coffee shops I’ve attended. Pretty bad for an actual comedy club that charges.  The service was unfriendly and overall, the place was a complete disappointment. 

When the show ended, we were questioning to a staff member where the other 2 comedians were, since we were promised 5, and they sent the manager down to speak to us.  He was extremely aggressive, as if he were looking for a fight, rather than speaking to paying customers, and was only concerned about the bill being paid (which we had already paid.)  The service was extremely poor and rude.  This place sucks overall.

Earlier in the week we attended Broadway Comedy Club with tickets also purchased off the street in Times Square, which was 100% better than HA! – I recommend going there instead - 8 hilarious comedians versus 3 terrible ones. 

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HA! Comedy Club NYC

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Get Your Fill of Bar Food, Drinks and Laughs at Ha! Comedy Club in Times Square

Located in


Times Square

Price Range:

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Features: Ha! Comedy Club NYC is open 7 days a week, offering food, a full bar and live comedy in Times Square. Lineups include 4-6 comediens per night, ranging from brand-new comics to veterans of the comedy scene,  and tickets are $20 per person for the Ha! New York Comedy Club admission, plus a 2 drink per person minimum during the show. 

Why We Go: Ha! NY Comedy Club urges guests to eat, drink and laugh for a fun night out in NYC that doesn't require club clothes, loud music or dancing shoes. Enjoy yourself at one of the most casual comedy clubs in NYC

  • Various Show Times: Ha! New York Comedy Club features an array of show times nightly, from the family-friendly comedy shows at 7:30pm and 8:30pm, to the 16+ comedy shows later in the evenings at 9:30pm, 10:30pm, 11:30pm, 12:30am and an additional 1:15am show on Fridays and Saturdays. Choose the time that fits into your busy NYC vacation schedule any night of the week!
  • Crowd Interaction:  Comedians at Ha! Comedy Club NYC explore a range of comedic styles, and often times they'll interact with the audience, ask general questions to the crowd, and occasionally pick on people in the front rows, all in fun of course.  It makes the Ha! NY Comedy Club experience personal and one-of-a-kind, each time you visit!
  • Pick Up and Go:  Ticket vendors roam the streets of Times Square seeking people who are interested in seeing live comedy in New York City.  Tickets can be purchased for upcoming shows times or shows that are starting within the hour you purchase.  Since reservations aren't required unless you have a group of 10 or more, you can make plans on the spot for an impromptu night of comedy in NYC!

Inside Knowledge: Tickets for Ha! Comedy are teqnichally $20 but often times closer to the next show time and later into the night, vendors are looking to get rid of tickets, so it's possible to talk them down in price. 

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Arrive Early: We recommend arriving at Ha! Comedy Club NYC at least 30 minutes prior to show time, to get settled into your seats, food and drinks ordered so you're ready when the comedians are. You won't want to miss out on a single laugh!
  • Do Purchase Tickets in Advanced: Purchase tickets from vendors on the street, or if you aren't sure where to find one, head to the club and purchase them from the ticket office.  Ticket vouchers will be collected at the door 
  • Don't Expect a Full Professional Lineup: Though there are some known-names who show up at Ha! New York Comedy Club, and many of the comedians' resumes include appearances on Comedy Central, in movies and other television shows, a lot of the entertainers are just starting out, so don't expect a night full of Jerry Seinfeld's and Tracy Morgans. 
  • Don't Nurse Your Drinks: There is a two drink minimum per person during every Ha! Comedy Club NYC show time, and the cocktail servers will make sure that each person fulfills the requirement.  At times you may feel rushed, so be prepared to drink. 

Venue Amenities

  • Accepts Reservations
  • Bar Food
  • Full Bar
  • Live Entertainment
  • Premier Location
  • Stage