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  • Hairspray on Broadway was based on the original film from 1988 and later became a new movie in 2007.
  • All ages welcome.
  • Tony Award-winning Broadway show.

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Show Dates:
August 15, 2002- June 4, 2009

Neil Simon Theatre
250 W 52nd St # 2
New York, New York 10019
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See the Eccentric 1988 Movie Musical Hairspray Come to Life on Stage at Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway

Located in


Midtown West

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Features:  Hairspray was one of the top musicals on Broadway during its seven-year run from 2002-2009 at Neil Simon Theatre. Tracy Turnblad, the Baltimore teen with big dancing dreams and even bigger 1960s hair starred on stage in this doo-wop musical full of excitement, comedy, dance and romance. Hairspray was first released as an original film in 1988 and then re-made as a new movie in 2007, during the Hairspray musical's successful run on Broadway.

Why We Go: The Hairspray Broadway production was great for all ages, due to its contagious 60s dance beats, crazy patterned outfits and enthusiastic choreography. Older generations would enjoy reliving 1962 fashion, music and dance styles, while younger audience members would catch on quickly.

  • Upbeat Vibe: The Hairspray musical star, Tracy Turnblad succeeds in making her dreams come true by becoming a dancer on the ever-so-popular Corny Collins Show.  The pleasantly plump teen goes from outcast to break-out star, taking the audience is along for the optimistic ride full of exciting songs and dance choreography.
  • Award-Winning Show: In 2003 alone, Hairspray on Broadway won eight Tony Awards, including "Best Musical," "Best Scenic Design," "Best Costume Design" and "Best Choreography" to name a few, proving why this was one of the most popular Broadway musicals.
  • Family-Friendly: Audience members both young and old were mesmerized by the amazingly colorful set designs, wacky costume wigs, intriguing social topics and most of all, the incredible soundtrack.  Fans of the film and new Hairspray viewers young and old were equally wowed by the on-stage production.

Inside Knowledge: Bathrooms are located both upstairs and downstairs in the Neil Simon Theatre and lines were extra long before the Hairspray musical curtain call, since the staff would wait for all guests, even slightly late arrivals to be seated.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Be Aware of Themes: Though Hairspray was a family-friendly Broadway musical, there are certain topics such as racial and social discrimination that are present throughout the storyline. For the most part in the story, the characters overcome these issues and the ending is optimistic, with a great moral message.
  • Do Bring the Kids: Tracy's teen heartthrob, Link, high-school enemy, Amber, best friend, Penny and all the other beloved characters gush over the Corny Collins dance show, and modern kids and teens would get equally as into the performances.  Flashy dance sequences charged the stage with electric energy and catchy songs and huge hair that entertained all ages.
  • Don't Miss Photo Ops: After the final curtain call, guests were able to take photos of the immaculately designed set, including a larger-than-life florescent can of hairspray. 
  • Don't Sit Too Close: Though close seats are always a treat, sitting in the mezzanine section of Neil Simon Theatre, or slightly away from the orchestra gave audience members a better view for the masterful group dance numbers, some of the best parts of the Hairspray Broadway production.

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