Halloween Village Parade

Halloween Village Parade New York

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Halloween Village Parade Summary

Event Overview: The Greenwich Village Halloween NYC Parade is a massive night time parade that takes place along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan on October 31st. It is an annual event that is one of the craziest and most exciting Halloween celebrations in the United States. The Greenwich Village Halloween NYC Parade lets anyone who is wearing a costume join in on the march, and it features some of the coolest costume designs and large-scale puppets that are put on public display through the streets. Participants 19 and over can join the official parade after-party - the Webster Hell Halloween Party to continue celebrating throughout the wild night!

What to Expect: Halloween NYC Parade is one of the most surreal and eye-catching holiday events held in New York City.

  • Wild: The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is one of the wildest experiences in New York City. It draws over a million people to the parade each year, and features a wide selection of costumes and massive puppets that are marched around which require multiple people to animate.
  • Creative: Some of the most creative costumes and displays are paraded around Greenwich Village on Halloween each year. One of the impressive displays from 2010, as an example, what a giant puppet of a dinosaur skeleton which required more than a few people to support its movements.
  • Everyone Gets Involved: While the Halloween NYC Parade in Greenwich Village is more controlled than it used to be, it is still a very open-ended event where everyone who attends can get involved in the march. 

Inside Knowledge: The Greenwich Village Parade first took place in 1973, when it was just a door-to-door activity from a puppeteer and a mask maker. Within just a few years, it evolved into the festive parade that is has become today.

Event Hints:

  • Dress Up: This is a very festive New York parade. Get into the spirit and dress up, and you can join all of the other costumed parader supporters who will be walking in the parade along Sixth Avenue.
  • Don't Park Near Sixth Avenue: Your best bet for getting to the Halloween NYC Parade is to park near a subway station that can get you closer to Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village. Parts of the village area are closed off and pedestrian traffic during this evening is an absolute nightmare.
  • Be Ready For a Long Night: The Halloween NYC Parade is fun, but make sure you have for plan for the night and after the event. There will be a lot of people in the area, so make sure to bring water as it will most likely be very hot. Also make sure that you know which subway station gets you to your car or hotel, as navigation in Greenwich Village during this festive New York parade can be difficult.

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Halloween Village Parade


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Oct 31,2013

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Halloween Village Parade is the festive and crazy annual parade in Greenwich Village

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Event Quick Facts

  • Famous Greenwich Village Halloween parade.
  • Halloween Parade NY is held on October 31st each year.
  • Greenwich Village Halloween Parade goes up sixth avenue and anyone with a costume and join in.


Nearest Transit:
Christopher St (1); Christopher St (PATH); W 4th St (A, C, E, B, D, F, V)

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