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Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour

Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour

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Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour Information

Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour Info

Ticket Info:
Adults - $40; Kids - $26


2.5 Hours

When to Go:

Tour Highlights:
See authentic, uncensored documents from the time period.

Age Restriction:

Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour Quick Facts

  • Learn all about the duel that changed the nation on this walking tour throughout New York's Financial District.
  • Journey into the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.
  • Visit many of the oldest historic sites in NYC that are still standing, including Federal Hall and Saint Paul's Chapel.

249 Broadway
New York, US

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Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour

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Explore NYC Before, After, and During the American Revolution Through the Lives of Hamilton & Burr

Located in


Financial District

Prices Starting at
$40.00 for adults & $26.00 for children

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Features: Take a journey back in time and learn all about the deal that changed a nation. You'll dive deep into the pasts of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, while visiting several historic sites in NYC along the way. Get two know these men by following their daily lives and the people that surrounded them.

Why We Go: Experience the many ways the American Revolution affected New York City, ultimately leading the city to become the greatest financial center across the globe. Follow the lives and experiences of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr that lead up to the infamous duel in 1804.

  •  Authentic Documents: On the Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour, you'll see uncensored documents from the political era, including snippets from letters between the two men themselves.
  • Oldest Remaining Historic Sites: As you explore New York City's Financial District, you'll see Trinity Church Graveyard, St. Paul's Chapel, Federal Hall, and more.
  • Private Tour Option: Private tours are available to guests for a lump sum of $250.

Inside Knowledge: The Hamilton & Burr Walking Tour by Patriot Tours includes some minor adult content due to the nature of the political debates at the time. All ages are welcome, but parents should keep this in mind before booking.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Get Enough Rest: This 2.5 hour tour takes you all around New York City's Financial District. Make sure you're up and ready for a full day of fun and learning.
  • Don't Forget Walking Shoes: This is a walking tour of NYC, so be prepared to walk! Be kind to your feet and bring comfortable shoes. 
  • Do Bring A Camera: For the memories, and maybe for a little social media action. The Hamilton & Burr Tour features several highlights, inlcuding Wall Street, Frances Tavern, and Trinity Church.
  • Don't Miss Out: Book your tickets in advance to ensure you don't miss out on this incredible walking tour that will take you back in time.