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Happy Winesday all you NYC Tourists! Happy Winesday to everyone else too of course. We know that we don't have to confine our wine drinking to Wednesday, but the name is really enticing, so why wouldn't we enjoy a glass or two? Wine is the perfect mid-week drink, not quite as strong as what we're trying to accomplish on Fridays, and not nearly as subtle as the cleansing we did on Monday and Tuesday.

To congratulate ourselves for making it halfway through the workweek, we like to pour ourselves a glass of wine. If we really want to give ourselves a big "You're awesome" we let someone else pour us a glass, so we usually go to our favorite wine bars in New York City and uncork, unwind and let someone else do the heavy lifting. Yes, even wine bottles look heavy on some Wednesdays.

The Immigrant - East VillageThis little bar is tucked away quietly on 9th St and provides a nice intimate setting for the perfect Winesday. This is one of the best wine bars in NYC to enjoy a quiet evening with someone special, like your favorite girlfriend (and no, I'm not talking to you boys with multiple girlfriends hanging around.) They have a few good little snacks that won't make you bloat while you're sipping.What to Order: The Malbec.

Vbar - Greenwich VillageFor a casual meet up with friends or a glass of wine (or cup of coffee) after work, this NYC wine bar will not disappoint. Bring your laptop, because they have free Wifi! We're not sure if they'll cut your computer access off after four or more glasses of wine or not, but for some of us with little self control after a long day of work, let's hope so. The bartenders are all friendly and extremely helpful, but you can come here and enjoy your afternoon with wine, beer or coffee. An adult cafe, we approve!What to Order: "Productivity in the morning. Promiscuity in the evening." Let that be your guide!

Sweet Revenge - West VillageCupcakes and beer, yes, this is the sweet revenge that we've been waiting for! As if we need to say anything else (and you're not already on the subway racing over for a satisfying taste of your own, they have happy hour Monday through Friday from 4pm-8pm, where you can get a glass of wine and a cupcake for $10. So uh... see you there?What to Order: The Crimson and Cream red velvet cupcake. This will be the most luscious Winesday you've had yet!

Maison Premier - WilliamsburgOf course we couldn't make a list that doesn't include a Williamsburg location, and why not one that's perfect for happy hour?! They are known for having the best $1 oysters in all of New York, which is another great way to unwind on a Wednesday, if you catch our drift. Pair is with some Absinthe or wine and a good looking date, you've got yourself a first class evening, sure to make Thursday a whole lot more productive.What to Order: We pretty much just told you, but if you need us to spell it out for you, they have 3 menus, one for wine, one for Absinthe and one for oysters. Come for happy hour and order something from every menu.

In Vino - East VillagePerfect for a midweek date with a fellow wine lover, In Vino is one of the best Italian restaurant and wine bars in New York City. Their wines are reasonably priced, and everything on the menu is delicious, so you could even go for a first date and wow some lucky lady without spending like you're already on the honeymoon. Not to worry though, she'll definitely call back for a second date, and probably expect another few trips here throughout the relationship.What to Order: The Porcini Ravioli with a bottle of Riesling

Casellula - Hell's KitchenThis is one of Hell's Kitchen's hidden gems. If you're looking for a bit of a rowdier Winesday, try this NYC wine bar for dinner. They have a great menu, the pig's a$$ sandwich is a particular favorite, and they really love cheese. In fact they have over 40 to choose from to go with your wine, so this is one of the best places to say "yes" when someone asks if you'd like a little cheese with your whine wine.What to Order: A wine and cheese pairing. Dinner doesn't hurt either, but this place is a little bit pricey, so don't blow all your spendings before the weekend!

Let us know where your favorite place to pop a cork on a Wednesday evening in New York City is. Unless it's at home and you're not inviting us. We'll probably be at one of these places or out scouring the city for other wine bars that strike our fancy in our time of need. If you find one before we do, let us know about it by joining us on Facebook, Twitter or even Google+. We know we can keep it old school with our vintage wines, but we can still be pretty tech savvy at times too!