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Yes, you read that right- this is no minor league spin-off, this is the real deal, and happens to be the perfect way to get into the Hanukkah spirit this year!

Where: The Major Leage Dreidel Tournament is the first annual, and will be held at official Spinning Stadium of MLD at Fontanas [105 Eldridge Street] on the Lower East Side.

When: The MLD will take place the first day of Hanukkah – December 21, 2011.  Sign up starting at 7pm for the 8:30pm spin-off.

The Main Event: The best of the best will battle it out in the SPinagogue – a small stadium built for dreidel spinning, and instead of playing for gelt, the traditional way, the contest will be who can keep their dreidel spinning the longest.  This is an endurance challenge!

Entertainment: Other than the actual spinning competition, there will be plenty of other fun to keep you occupied, including live music by Gods of Fire, who will be playing Hanukkah themed metal rock songs, as well as Category Sixx, who call themselves the greatest air band in the world.

To Drink: There will be plenty of booze-a-flowin’ with sponsored beer from HeBrew, as well as cocktails.

Shop: There is a surprising amount of merchandise available to purchase as well– everything from adult clothing, tote bags, mugs, underwear, magnets, baby onesies, bibs, and buttons with the MLD logo, or “Show Me the Gelt “label. 

Get your awesome gear, have a drink, take a dreidel spin and you’ll be feeling like you just landed on a Gimmel!  May the best spinner win!