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The Heiress on Broadway

The Heiress on Broadway NYC

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  • If you feel like you need a little drama on your NYC vacation, head to The Heiress on Broadway and get your fix!
  • The story of a heiress who meets a handsome and very mysterious man is always one that questions how far you can trust people when there's money on the line.
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Show Dates:
Oct. 2012 - Feb. 2013

Walter Kerr Theatre
219 W 48th St
New York City, New York 10036
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The Heiress on Broadway

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The Heiress will be playing at the Walter Kerr Theatre for 18th months of fall 2012! Get your Broadway tickets while it's still here!

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Times Square

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Features: The Heiress on Broadway is about a sheltered daughter who is torn between her rich but distant father who she loves and a mysterious male suitor who every woman in the audience can't help but love. While there's a sneaking suspicion that this handsome devil may only be in it for her money, the heiress must decide if she should be cautious or give herself a chance at happiness.

Why We Go: In addition to the powerful and dramatic story, like many other Broadway shows, The Heiress is filled with a dynamic cast and is only on the stage for 18 weeks!

  • Mysterious Plot: Like all great plots that are developed on the pretense of an heiress, the audience, as well as the main character Catherine Sloper, must decide if we can trust this new and extremely good looking mystery man or if he's just in the story for her money, as Catherine's father suspects.
  • Critically Acclaimed: The Wall Street Journal regarded The Heiress on Broadway as "A must-see Broadway event this season." The show has received Tony and Academy Awards and is only returning to the stage for 18 weeks!
  • A Handsome Cast: Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey) plays the mystery man, and he does a fine job presenting the mystery and the handsome. For the ladies with more mature taste in men, Academy Award nominee David Strathairn isn't hard on the eyes by any means and Jessica Chastain, although cast as a plain-looking woman, definitely makes audience's heart beat a little faster at times.

Inside Knowledge: The Heiress on Broadway is based on Henry James' novel Washington Square. Henry James is thought to be a key figure in 19-century literary realism, which presents more of a real depiction of life, rather than the romanticized styles many other authors gravitate towards.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do See it While You Can: The Heiress on Broadway will only be on the stage for 18 months!
  • Do Buy Your Tickets Online: Even though seeing a show on Broadway is one of the most popular things to do in New York City, tickets can get pricey. NYC Tourist offers discounted Broadway tickets online for up to half the price that you'd pay for them in the box office!
  • Don't Bring Your Rugrats: Just like you're not going to gather the family to watch a scandalous Lifetime movie every Sunday night with you, don't drag them to The Heiress on Broadway. There are plenty of family friendly Broadway shows that they'll enjoy much more than this one!
  • Don't Expect Matthew Crawley: If you're seeing this show because you're a huge Downton Abbey fan and inevitably a fan of Matthew, he doesn't play the same role in this show on Broadway, but he's still just as great in his role and as always, just as nice to look at.

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