Hot Dog Eating Contest

Corner of Surf & Stillwell Ave
Coney Island, NY

Fourth of July in New York, nothing could be finer. The city is alive with fireworks, parades and cookouts. Of course there is one very special cook out that is reserved for only those with bottomless pits for stomachs and have the nerve to go up against eating machines.

Entering its 91st year, Nathan's Hotdogs will once again sponsor the Coney Island International Hot Dog-Eating championship and serves as one of the highlights of the competitive food eating season. This isn't for the weak of stomach, these are men and women that make their living eating more than one thought humanly possible. The event features the Babe Ruth of the eating circuit as four time Takeru Kobayashi once again takes center stage. If Yankee Stadium is the house that Ruth built then Kobayshi is at least renting space on Coney Island as he has dominated this even for the past five years. Kobayshi claimed his fifth straight title by downing 49 hotdogs in 12 minutes.

ESPN crews will once again be on hand to watch the 144 pound champion attempt to defend his title. As usual he will defend his title against an onslaught of challengers who come from all over the world and whose eating credentials are equivalent to a Super Bowl or World Series Ring.

Sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating, the event is open to the public and is held on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island. Organizers suggest that those wanting to get a good view should show up before 11 a.m.

For those that marvel at the ability of humans that can shove first full after fist full of food into their mouth, Nathan's Hot Dog eating conest at Coney Island is an event not to be missed

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